The Underprivileged !!

On seeing the title “The Underprivileged”, many of you may think of different kinds of people being deprived of different things.  I don’t know which category of people strikes the chord first in your head. But it’s the category of poor children who are deprived of getting a good education that popped out of my […]

Kudos to A R Rahman…!

Finally that day has come. The day I have been waiting for, since I saw Rahman’s name in the list of Academy Award Nominees.  Today, the music maestro AR Rahman has made the dreams of billions of Indians come true, by winning twin Oscar Awards at the 81st Oscars Annual Academy Awards 2009 function in […]

No Criminals !!!

Folks… This time I am going to give you all an interesting statistical report. Not only interesting, but it is important for us to know about it, I think.  The report says that, in 2004 around 124 criminals got placements for one of the prestigious posts in India. And most importantly, these placements have been […]

Why not in all theatres???

It was yesterday at last we got to watch the movie Vanilla Kabadi Kuzhu.  Since the release of the movie, I was eager to watch the movie.  But my roommates were not in a mood to watch it without knowing the result of the movie (Effect of Padikkathavan.. 😦 ).  By the time we decided […]

V-Day !!!

This weekend, it’s going to be that day of the year again. SMSes and emails fly all over a week before this day carrying out the advices on gifts, dressing, proposing, anything and everything related to love. The restaurants and shops going to be decorated with heart shaped balloons and offers announced for the couples […]

Slumdog Millionaire – It’s the Destiny of Two Siblings..!

I am a kind of guy who does not have much interest in English movies. But some English movies have really pulled me towards it. Even some movies have kindled me to watch it again and again.  One such movie is “Slumdog Millionaire”. To be honest, A R Rahman and the Golden Globe Award were […]