Friday Fill-In

After a long time…. Here am coming with the new post…. Hey! I’m here after a very long break. Most humans err and I’m one among them. The best movie I’ve seen lately is Deivathirumagal and just loved every minute of it. For me, Honesty is the kernel of truth. Friends, Family & Fun; these […]

Back Home!!! :) But miss home!!! :(

It’s been a very long time since I penned something here in my blog. It’s not bcoz I was lazy or busy to post, but haven’t had a chance to do it. To say as an update from my side… Joined the new company here in my home town… and more importantly I’m completely unplugged […]

Honour or Encouragement???

Just now Preity Zinta informed me about this news. Believe me… Actress Preity Zinta informed me directly… As I say this, I guess many ppl would have got surprised at me having got the information straight from Priety Zinta. But I’m more surprised than you at the information that she shared with me. Even she was […]