I… Me… Myself…

It’s me Bala… An engineer just by graduation and very unfortunately belong to a so called group called ‘Techies’… I mean… am working as a software engineer… To say shortly, am just a very ordinary person who dreams of doing something extraordinary…

I’ve a great passion for music ‘n’ movies… A die hard fan of Kamal Hassan, IR & ARR… I believe in religion only if it’s going to be Cricket… And Sachin is the almighty in that religion…

Just started this blog to share my views, confessions, emotions and random thoughts… In fact to know more about other views and thoughts too.. . As each day passes by, my state of mind, thoughts and the perception towards this world is taking up a change with it… So came up with this web space to track the very me over the period of my life time…


27 thoughts on “I… Me… Myself…

  1. @ Vicchu…

    Just click on the Feed on Post button at the right top of the blog… and subscribe to it… then if u check ur favorites, a feed will be there showing the new updates if any..

  2. Hi Bala, I’m also a profound fan of Kamal Haasan.I wud love to follow ur blog…really a nice one.I’m Satheesh Kumar doing my final year Medicine at Kurnool Medical College,Kurnool,Andhra Pradesh.My native place is MADURAI.I’m a great lover of Tamil movies,Music from Tamil songs.I have also started blogging recently.I invite u to view my blog.The following is the link
    And suggestions,comments and criticism are welcome.

    1. @ Satheesh…

      Glad to know that u r a medico.
      So a future doctor is growing up there in AP..
      Me too a die hard fan of Kamal Hassan..
      And nice to meet u in this world of weblogs..

  3. hi,
    we can follow your blog. i am now getting updates about your blog in mine, 🙂 we just need to copy your URL and paste it in the option for following blogs.

  4. Hi, thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂
    You have a great blog here and congrats for its 1st b’day

    And certain dreams have come true 🙂

  5. balanagesh,

    very nice to see ur blog, dai i saw ur blog some time ago, i thought that its some news website, i wrongly entered, during that time, i’m not aware what a blog is it.

    very great to see, now i’m just know what a blog is. thanks for the information. doing a nice work, continue. i will frequently update abt u thro’ ur blog.

    srinivasan k

  6. Hey bala.. congrats for building up such a nice blog…i was thinkng in the same vision towards the blog. Actually i was looking for the perfect meaning of VTV title and i got it from ur blog…and i became fan of urs… Mabrook


  7. hey uuuu…dey why u made dis blog is worth appreciating…its cool..sumthing innovtive…n very much happenin…continue d same style!!!

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