Here a man in the Gandhian way !!!

Anna Hazare. This is a name which I have never heard anytime before until this Tuesday. However there came an opportunity, thanks to India media, one of the very few times giving right hype to an issue which deserve it. So got curious to know more about the issue for which this man has started the until-death hunger strike and of course to know more about this man. And finally here I’m penning some out of it as a small gesture of my support through my blog.

 In contrast to my assumption of Gandhian freedom fighter, I was bit surprised to know that he’s a former soldier in the Indian army who has played his part in many wars. Still he’s searched for the very purpose of his existence and at that time the teachings of Swami Vivekananda enlightened him with the answer of ‘Serving to humanity is the ultimate purpose of human life’. There born the social activist in him and decided to be a bachelor and to spend his life for public betterment.

 As a social activist, he transformed his village Ralegan Siddhi, from the shape of a worst village to an ideal model village by various developmental reforms. All through his journey, he realized that the developmental works are spoiled by corruption at various levels and hence started a public movement against corruption and even succeeded by removing number of cabinet ministers and officers from office, only by means of Gandhian way.

 Then came the ultimate realization within him that, not mere punishment is needed; but a change in the system itself. And this thought gave birth to the articulation of Right to Information Act. After long struggles, he tasted the triumph by making it implemented at his state, which is then taken as the base document to articulate the most powerful National Right to Information Act-2005.

 However I think that the need has come again now. In the last few months, it was really a scam spree, that too of very high intolerable intensity, for which the fingers of justice points right from the PM, to the cabinet ministers, to the business bureaucrats, to the officers. It not only marred the already spoilt belief on the politicians inside the country, but also disfigured our nation’s image in the global arena by ranking India in the 4th place among the among most corrupted countries list in Asia-pacific region. It not only tempts the global investors to rethink their idea to invest in our country, but also affect we citizens in this nation by various means.

 So it pressurized the GOI to re-open the very old story of drafting the Lok Pal Bill, which has been in stake for past 42 years, as it has been stopped by our beloved elected ministers for some reasons. At this juncture, I really understand the need for the demand of Anna Hazare. If an act that has the power to bring the ministers to justice, is drafted by the ministers themselves, then what could we expect out of that?!?!? Then it would be just a toothless bill, with so many loopholes.  That’s why the nation feels the Anna’s demand for 50% representation of civil society activists in the committee that would be drafting this bill. They even drafted a model bill Jan Lok Bill, which was right away rejected by government.

I really felt angered, on seeing the reluctance of the government on taking up a bold step to save our nation from the dreadful contagious disease of corruption. The second term of Congress has really succumbed to the corrupt coalition forces. These corrupted devils will do anything and everything to make this bill not happen. But I, not only me, but the whole nation wish, hope and pray that the demands of Anna come true not just with drafting the bill, but also implementing in the right way.

Now this man has got support from people all over the nation. This shows the level of anger the people are having about these corrupt politicians. I believe that the day is not very far that these shamelss politicians get a lesson learnt from the people who have taken them to this stage.

I support Anna Hazare!!!

Do you?!?!?


3 thoughts on “Here a man in the Gandhian way !!!

  1. Full Support… I tried adding comment to the news in NDTV site but failed on that…

    Hope more people joins him in the fast to make the situation intense for the government to act immediately

    1. @Gobi…

      It’s very rare in our country that a man like him to stand against the powerful corrupt politicians… Wish more people join him to make a revolution here in India…

  2. Everybody knows the Lok Pal Bill is only gonna help in weeding out corruption n nothing more, yet the reluctance of the Govt to implement it shows how guilty each n every one of the politician is !!

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