Happy Days!!!

It was a very long time since we guys got to meet in such a get together. Yes, it’s not happening much often now-a-days. However we use to have convenes happier a lot than this, years before. Just to make a point before writing much on this… am not talking about any great conference or meet-ups… Absolutely not… am just sharing about the day I got to spend with my cousins last weekend on the eve of engagement of one of my cousins… and the happier convenes that I pointed out are our summer vacations that we spent together at my grandpa’s home…

Those were really some of the best days of our life… no worries… no work tensions… no duties… we were just children after all….and we were having only fun…. We are 10 of us… n we all ppl use to meet at one place at least once in a year… and that is during our summer vacation at our grandpa’s home… all we shared with each other was fun, love, affection… and some small fights too… but if we think about those fights, it’s appearing to be much funny, witty ‘n’ childish..  And I would say that these are all the things that made those days & our stays pleasurable…

However the beauty is that the memories of the games we played together and the enjoyments we had are still lingering in my mind… Trading… carom… pallankuzhi… video games… hide n seek… still remember afresh the places we use to hide… Cut mangoes and cucumber in the breaks… latest movie in cable tv in noon… lovely walk in the evenings… shunting between the grandpa’s home and chithi’s home…night shows… playing cards till late night… touring places around together… really precious are those days…

Years passed by…. We grew old… many more commitments and responsibilities came in… some got married… some other got busy in their professions… In the middle of all these… we started missing those sweet get-togethers… Very rarely we all 10 of us got to meet together… mostly for the family functions… even in that too one or the other might not be able to attend… even in the last weekend, only 7 were present… nevertheless the love and affection we have for each other remains the same… it didn’t affected by this gap…  Ultimately this bond we share between is making our parents and elders to feel happy… which in turn making us delighted and motivating us to be like this forever…


2 thoughts on “Happy Days!!!

  1. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    yeap !! me too miss those days of care free enjoyment… 30-40 days of pure fun !! never again will we be able to do that in future… Work is gonna wear us all… 😦

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