Yes, I felt very unfortunate to stand as one in that queue some time back. Some of the people around there were in different moods like.. one was joyful… one was anxious… one was tensed… whatever the mood be within, I don’t see any one complaining to stand in such a long queue, a quality which is not seen often among our Indians… Cozes even to stand in ration queue for few minutes, we Indians complain a lot about the Indian system and the government… even I’ve seen people complaining to stand in a queue to do our very basic duty & right of casting the vote during the election… However I did felt bad and complaining to stand in that queue…

Not many of you would have guessed the queue I’m talking about… It is one queue, now-a-days millions of Indians are feeling proud to stand in… doing anything to get into that queue… It is nothing but the queue outside a consulate, which is just draining our intellectual wealth out of our nation to build their nation… It’s nothing but the US consulate… and I was standing there in the queue along with many other people at the early morning hours for the visa interview…I had no option left in my hands other than taking up this assignment…

However I watched the reactions of the people out there more, than being appeared for the interview… got to see a lot of dramatic scenes over there… a guy giving himself a thumbs-up as if he has got something noblest in this earth after he being informed that he has cleared.. and another guy dropping his head down when he got rejected… a very patriotic women giving nose cut to the officer who was sitting and trying to act too smart… all between these, I also got cleared…

As I stepped out of the consulate, saw two men passing by in a motor bike… On seeing them, the very next moment, I just felt ashamed… those men were none other than the people who just got the nerve to bound into the field to protect  us and our nation… the fearless, valiant, courageous ‘Jawans’…

I just left the place with… countless questions popping in my mind… a silent prayer to give me the guts to come out of things that I don’t want to do… and a firm heart with a belief  built inside saying ‘that day is not too far’…


9 thoughts on “Unfortunately…

  1. Well, everyone of us are in the same state of mind (atleast I can talk for fellow Indian’s)..we do things that we are not interested in and we do things because we have other responsibilities to take care etc…

    Everyone of us talk about we want to do something for our nation, we want to see this change or that change etc etc But don’t say no option…we all have options but we think we have no options because of our social obligations, our culture etc etc…

    To bring in any change in our social thinking, every individual has to make a small effort toward this change that we all want to see. (Bringing in awareness / educating people of basic value system itself..would be quite a bit of contribution…. )

    At the same time, don’t be harsh on yourself saying you are ashamed of yourself. You should be proud that you are representing your country..you are the face of your country. What you do? what you speak? personality you carry …everything matters.

    Atleast, one from that queue had the realization …

    A good read!!

    1. @ ABeautifulMind

      Welcome here to my blog!! Glad to know that it was a good read for you!!

      As you said, we are representing our country… but I’m thinking about the other way of representing our country, by being productive to our nation itself…

      However I appreciate your positive perception!!

  2. he he.. yenna yosichi enna panna pore.. If you dont go, some one else is gonna go in ur place. Think it as You are bringing money from the US of America to India 🙂

    1. @Arun Kumar

      Ippadi pala per yosikathathu nala than namma innum ippadiye irukom da…. but enna mathiri niraya per yosichitu mattume irukaanga…:)

      It may be like bringing money from US to India… but the intelligence, hard work & time that is being shipped to US is worthier than this money da….

  3. hi…

    I follow your blog, but rarely comment. I know it might sound selfish, but I have tagged you on my blog, for the simple reason that I think you might do justice to the tag.

    I leave it upto you to take it or leave it.

    I would still follow your writing nevertheless. See u there.

  4. Hey bala,

    I know it feels like a sell-out for a patriot, but I guess what many people forget after going there is that they are eventually Indians and their country deserves them more.

    Anyways, I am not a thorough patriot, but I love my country, with all its strengths and weaknesses. 🙂

    I have tagged you in my latest blog. I hope you will take it.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

  5. Hehe why should u feel ashamed bro? R u in an idea to settle there in US and permanently wash out ur mother country from ur memories? If so I think ur feeling wud be right..As long as u don’t have such an intention, u need not even worry abt it bro..Even I applied for passport recently..May be I’ll get it in another 4 months or so..Have to give my USMLE Step-1 Exam by October(Not sure whether I cud do dat, but I’ll try my level best)..Then Step-2 CK in another 2 months. Then if everything goes well i.e. if I can manage to get good scores in those two, I may have to fly over to US to give my Step-2 CS Exam there..Then some formal procedures, and then had to attend Interviews there..If I’m lucky enough to cross all these barriers I may get into the Residency(equivalent to PG in India) there..And then 4 yrs of cool life,following which return to India with lot of love for my kith and kin and all the fellow Indians..I pray God to give me the ability to protect myself from changing my mind thereafter..So it all depends on whether by that time we cud protect our mind or not…Hope we can protect it bro..Gud Luck!!

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