30 out of 30 !!!

This is one of the most positive news that I had come across in recent times. I thought of putting it in my blog the moment I read, but got late, thanks to my accessibility. I believe that this post sounds positive to you guys also on reading it.

’30 out of 30’… It would be really great if you know the message that is being conveyed by this statement… To me, it’s really a statement that portrays the charismatic triumph of an institution that works with an only motto of good will for the underprivileged talented youth…

Yes, I’m speaking about the institution in Bihar that is most famously called as ‘Super 30’. And to speak about its achievement, all the 30 students of this institute who have appeared for one of the toughest examination in the world ‘IIT-JEE’, have cleared it thereby qualify themselves to step into our nation’s prestigious Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Some of you may think what’s there to wonder in this. But a lot more is there to be wondered and appreciated about this.

This ’30 out of 30’ was happening for last three years continuously. And more to wonder is that these guys are not from the homes of educated or well off parents. They are the sons & daughters of poor farmers, landless laborers, road side vendors, daily wagers, and sweepers who are deprived from this kind of quality education most of the times because of their economic and social status.

And the happiest man than the parents of these guys is Anand Kumar, who is none other than the founder of this institution. Way back in 2002, Kumar incepted this institution with a motto to empower the underprivileged, as he himself missed a chance to study at the Cambridge due to lack of money. He just made this training noblest by offering it free of cost along with free food, travel and accommodation. Despite all these offerings, the only thing he expect is their sincere effort and hard work.

Always the noble efforts supported by hard work gives out the very best results. That’s why, since the inceptions of this institute, a total of 212 of its students have cleared the IIT-JEE examination till now. And to add some more fame to it, it has got figured in the Best of Asia list of Time magazine a fortnight ago.

Ciao in my next post J


6 thoughts on “30 out of 30 !!!

  1. Hatsoff to this Great person,Anand Kumar. Non-selfish and kind people like him make us feel proud of our country. The Great and unique thing about this person that makes me wonder is that he is protecting other people against the same suffering he had once faced…Very Inspirational…Thanks for sharing about this. I read it in newspaper a few days back. And have been thinking to know more about it. And fortunately you posted this here. Thank you…

  2. Good to know that there are still ppl out thr who care for the under privileged… n providing them with education rather than food n clothing (which most politicians do with much publicity) thus providing the best remedy !!

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