Back Home!!! :) But miss home!!! :(

It’s been a very long time since I penned something here in my blog. It’s not bcoz I was lazy or busy to post, but haven’t had a chance to do it. To say as an update from my side… Joined the new company here in my home town… and more importantly I’m completely unplugged from the internetwork (one of the main reasons of not posting here in the blog)… 😦

 Yes, nothing works here in my office network. No Gmail!! No Gtalk!! Not even have got the net access yet.. Every chance to connect with the social network is blocked here!! Don’t know whose curse it is…  😦 😦 😦 To add to these, I haven’t got a laptop yet to get into net from home too…   To a guy who was fully networked both at office & home, this situation is very bad isn’t it???  

 All this rants apart, all I would like to say now is I’m back to home. Yes, daily I’m travelling to my office from my home in Coimbatore after a half decade. Still I remember the day I left to Hyderabad for joining my first company 5 years back. It was a day when I left with lot of tears, without a heart to leave my parents & home. So when I got to see a job opportunity in Coimbatore, thought of giving it a try. And the try was successful too. So finally back to home and am happy too!!

 But why the next edict, that too controversial to the first statement in the title… Coz there is a reason for it… and the reason is I really miss my home too… Yes, many times I just refer to the flat that I shared with my friends in Chennai for the past 5 years as home rather than room… Coz home is not just a building to shelter us, but a place filled with love, care, friendship & many more beautiful things… Having been in the home with my parents till I finish my college life, I thought it would be great to be back at home when I shift to my home town… As I thought it’s really great… but at the same time just miss my friends with whom I shared great fun, enjoyments, long night chats, petite fights, and so on……

 So it’s yet another time, I got to experience the fact that the true value of one thing is realized more when we move out of it than during the time we have it with us. But I would also say that the memories of those moments will be cherished forever..

 Cya in the next post!!! 🙂


12 thoughts on “Back Home!!! :) But miss home!!! :(

  1. Welcome back da Bala… I know u’ll miss Chennai a lotttt… U r like a sea fish in a pond. Changes are permanent.

  2. Are you married bro? I think you aren’t yet. Neways, happy to see you back after a long time. And good to know that you are now working in your hometown itself. But I personally feel that its better for anyone to stay away from home than spending time with parents. Bcoz I always feel like I miss them when away from home and this gives some kind of motivation to me to concentrate upon my career. But whenever I’m home I feel like I have everything and begin to get lazy. But whereever I be I think I need to visit my parents now and then bcoz they’ll be missing me a lot and always rambling if I stay away from them for a long time. Neways, keep posting whenever its possible for u bro. Have a Nice Day…

    1. @Satheesh Kumar

      Not yet married as u thought bro!!!
      It’s really a different experience being in home and away from home… as everything has its own pros & cons, this one too have…. and we humans have the power to get adapted to anything… 🙂

  3. Cant have the besht of both worlds 😛 😛 anyways, perima n peripa wud be much happy to have you home…

    he he… Naanum veeta vittu velia poiye irukalaamnu paakuren.. mudiyala !!! PG padikum pothavathu must stay outside !!

    1. @Arun

      As u said, it’s not possible to have the best of both the worlds..
      But both the worlds are simply great at its own nature…
      Bachelor room life… should be never misssed… it teaches a lots and lots…

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