A movie that makes u fall in love with it!!!!

Not always I get this feeling after watching a movie. A feeling like I should see only quality films hereafter. This kind of feeling just comes moments after watching a best movie or a worst movie. This time, while coming out of the theatre watching ‘Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya’, got that same feeling. However I’m happy that it’s not because of the displeasure of watching it, but experiencing the just opposite.

Yes, I really enjoyed every frame of this feel good, full length romantic movie from Gautham Vasudev Menon, who has become a master in scripting the human emotions beautifully on the silver screen. This very question of why Gautham is not giving us a film that has that chemistry of Surya & Jo in Kaaka Kaaka and Surya & Sameera in Vaaranam Aayiram all through its length. And today I understood that the time taken by him is worth a while after watching this movie.

Right from the characterization of the roles to the selection of the artists to the subtle screenplay to the pleasing dialogues, the directorial team has done the finest job in all these departments. I would say that it’s that power of the strong screen play, which should have given the film maker, the confidence to stage this play emphasizing only the two lead roles and feeling of love between them all through its length. Really I would get cursed if I miss out to say about effort of some people, without which this strong screenplay couldn’t have converted into such an amazing film.

First to get mentioned among those people is none other than our ‘Mozart of Madras’, the legendary AR Rahman. He has undoubtedly proved us yet again that he’s a well deserved person to bag that twin Oscars. Yes, it’s been proved not only by the breezy, poignant, romantic song compositions of this movie, but also by the splendid background score that made half done the job of bringing out the emotions the director wished for. The feeling and the flow of the movie was well complemented by Rahman’s BGM all through.

Then come the brilliant cinematography of Manoj Paramahamsa that has added more beauty to the beauty of the locations and in overall has made the movie watching pleasurable to our eyes too. In no place I felt that the shots and cuts were hard and it’s because of the very delicate editing of Antony. I think that this is one movie that has made me to sense the editing efforts too. Then the humorous dialogues of Ganesh and the way he has modulated those now and then not only brought smiles in our face, but also added the needed pace to the movie. Here the beauty is that these humors were made to get gelled with the scene and the story line.

Last but not the least to say about, the lead roles Karthik and Jessy. On no… It just came like that to call Simbu and Trisha by those names. Because, no where I could get a glance of Simbu or Trisha all through the movie. They made the characters so lively that it was Kaarthi and Jessy all over. The on screen chemistry between this couple is really awesome. Smartness in Kaarthik and confused mind of Jessy has flavored their characters cho chweet. How can I miss that to say??? Trisha looks simply stunning in Saree!!! It’s really a complete makeover for these two, especially simbu. Hope they make use of it. I just loved the conversations between these two. It was so lovely, but at the same time lively and spontaneous too. My favorite one is the one that trisha tells to simbu when he asks her none has proposed her before. she tells “un kannu vazhiya yaarum enna paakkala pola”.. so romantic illa???

Just a simple love story of a Hindu boy and a Christian girl it is. But the way the screenplay was made, and the way it has been executed with Gautham’s  trademark poignant narration has given the movie that magical romantic touch. Seeming to be a subtle one, but of a powerful nature is the climax, and it has been screened so real and moving. That’s where Gautham stands elevated just breaking the usual cine recipe, that tends me to see him one among the lot of KB and Maniratnam.

To say in short, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya is a beautiful film blended with quality ingredients of lovely story line, solid screenplay, fantastic film making, and soulful music. Just by watching it like a life of Kaarthik & Jessy rather than a movie makes you fall in love with the movie!!!

P.S: The only thing I felt odd is that my favorite song ‘mannippaaya’  is misplaced in the movie to come at a little wrong time. Bcoz the lyric of that song doesn’t suit the situation on which the song is now getting picturised.


4 thoughts on “A movie that makes u fall in love with it!!!!

  1. Hey, seriously it’s the film of the decade. After almost 10 years, I felt so much after watching it. It was Alaipayuthe in 2000 and Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa in 2010. Gautam movies always have cute romantic scenes even in action movies like KK & VV. It’s a feast for us to get a full-length romantic film from him. I’ve fallen in love with the movie and wish to watch again n again. Music is blended with the movie. Though the BGM is not outstanding (IMO), it’s good.

    But the Telugu version “Ye Maaya Chesave” is not that good compared to Tamil. Simbhu is simply fantastic compared to Naga Chaitanya who has wooden expressions and his dance is terrible. Thanks for using my name “Kaarthik” in many places instead of “Karthik”.

    P.S: From Alaipayuthe to VTV, one thing is very obvious- The hero’s name is “Karthik”

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