Yeah, this is one question that most of us would like to ask everyday… at least I would like to ask many many people in my life…   Coz we get to have a tendency to hurt our fellow people, while striving to lead a mere mechanical kind of life in this most competitive world… and most of the times the people who gets hurt are none other than our beloved ones… In this life long endeavor, we just forget that fact that we are humans after all… the kind of species, who have been blessed with a sense to feel & respect the emotions of each other…

But in reality, many valueless feelings like ego, hatred, religious & caste divides, financial difference takes priority in our lives all along this journey and in turn make us so wooden, numb & soulless… some other times, the circumstances and the environment around make us so… and as a consequence of all these, we just tend to lose our individuality or in other words the core idea of a human… also at times, we get to lose forever, some of our very precious relations in our life… the time we realize the value of the lost over those worthless stuffs, enters into our heart, the feeling of guilty… and at that time this question appears in our heart… Mannippaaya?!?!? To say in English… Will you forgive me?!?!

Hmmm… I should say one more thing before completing this post… It’s the one that provoked me to pen this post… Guess that many of you would have found it from the title… it’s none other than the song ‘Mannipaaya’ from Gowtham Menon’s ‘Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya’, composed by our double Oscar winner A.R.Rahman…  First time when I listened this number, it just got added into my favorites…  the genre of this number is so poignant and Shreya Goshal made it much more moving by her expressive rendition of an yet another meaningful lyrics penned by Thamarai… The lyrics of the song will be more momentous, if we listen to the song after watching the movie…

Here is the link for you to enjoy the song…. And my favorite lines in this song are…

kaatrile aadum kakidham naan
neethaan ennai kaditham aakkinaai
anbil thodangi anbil mudikkiren,

which means

I am like the paper that floats in air,
It’s you who made me into a letter
to start and end with love.

Anaivarum urangidum iravenum neram
enakkadhu thalayanai nanaithidum neram,

which means

Night is the time when everyone sleeps
But it is the time I wet the pillows with tears.

I’m sure that I’ll spare yet another post for the movie ‘Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya’ , but only after watching it for the second time in Sathyam Cinemas… Until then bye!!!


22 thoughts on “Mannipaaya?!?!?

  1. Nice post and u have related the topic to ur fav song which is my fav too. The only song of VTV with more Lyrics.
    I love the line “unai naan kollaamal kondru pudhaithene mannippaya?” which is very much blended with the story.

    I dont like the song’s picturization which lacks the feel of the song.It’s like a normal romantic number and not like a sad yet romantic song which I imagined before watching it

      1. Good article Bala. Very true words.

        I didn’t the picturization either. It spoiled the mood of the song. There is absolutely no correlation between the lyrics and the scenes. I wish Gautham listens to the song alone, feel the lyrics, and then watch his making…. When A.R. is singing the soulful lyrics in high pitch with so much soul and pain in the voice, Simbu is circling in the bike in ECR road… ??????? I don’t know how everyone could miss out such a lack of life in the picturization. Was the music patched on a pre-shot song or something?

    1. @Arun…

      Hey.. U didn’t like the movie da???
      I liked the movie very much…. the whole screenplay was soo realistic… and the on screen chemistry was so romantic….

  2. This post is good, whenever I just visit blogs I comes across some shitty articles written for search engines and irritate users but this article is quite good. It is simple, good and straightforward.

  3. Cool dude! First of all, the theme is good and the way you present stuff is simply amazing! And your post is quite good. Although this is the first time I visited your blog but the information you provided have obliged meme to bookmark you blog.

  4. Nice lyrics. That said, if only forgiving is easy…….It takes a lifetime…..Reminded of Rudyarad Kipling’s “If” poem—

    //If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,//

  5. Excellent song it is!!! Infact,I’m almost addicted to this song. But my opinion about the movie is the same as that of Arun’s. It was a little dissappointing to me. I’m very much bored of watching the sad endings in the movie. Hey bro, you know,the Telugu version of the same movie has a completely different climax. The Hero and the Heroine unite in the end. I think the Director has well studied about the tastes of Telugu people. They never like sad endings in the movies. Had the climax been the same in Telugu, the movie would have been a huge flop. How silly it is! Anyway, I must tell u one thing bro-I’ve watched Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya in KG Theatre in Coimbatore. I was there for 5 days. Have a Nice Day bro…

    1. @ msatheeshkumar

      Gr8 that you watched the movie in KG Theatre…
      I could not recollect last I watched a movie there…
      But for me,the movie was simply superb…
      Though the climax has a heart breaking ending, it was so realistic…

      1. well its been a couple of yrs since the movie got released but it still draws my attention.. somewhere touches ma soul deep.. its my life i wud say.. not only me.. almost everyone i met used to say the movie somehow relates their own lives.. i watched in Velmurugan theatres, Coimbatore.. n basically a COIMBATOREAN!!!!

  6. Peoples who have got their love failed to marry him or her will surely like this movie. Nice film realistic acting by simbu and trisha. Goutham is this is your story?

  7. Yeah I completely agree with you bro. Its obviously so realistic. But,frankly, I go for movies only to see something which never happens in real life. To my bad luck I’m finding nothing difference between the real life and the movies-Tragedy in both really sucks for me bro.

    1. @msatheeshkumar..

      Hey bro.. good to know about ur likes…
      I would always like to watch a movie that brings the realistic human emotions and sceenplay on screen…
      But I guess u r the straight opposite… Not all the fingers are same!! 🙂

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