Love ‘em for their heart!!!

Yes, I mean it. It’s YOU, ME & US are the one who can put an end to the discrimination that is being showed on many people, just because of a reason that they are victimized by a virus. At times, many of those people are the innocents who are in no way responsible for getting that virus being sheltered in their body. The hardest thing to digest sometimes is even the educated people are trying to ignore the HIV infected ones.

This morning, a special program has been organized in one of the radio channel in which Kamal Hassan interviewed a person who is running a home to shelter the HIV infected kids. Around 80% of the kids in that shelter are orphans who don’t have parents. What did these kids did to get affected by such a dreadful disease. They are suffering in the society just because of the faults of their parents.

Even after knowing that, they are harmful to us in no way, we people are keeping our minds so narrow to accept them also an equal human being who will have all the feelings alike us. So, every year, the first day of an year’s last month has been christened as ‘World AIDS Day’, not only to spread the awareness about AIDS, but also to remind us that we share this earth with the people who might have got their body infected by HIV, but not their heart.

Let’s take up this reminder serious to treat the HIV infected people with due care, love and respect!!!


14 thoughts on “Love ‘em for their heart!!!

  1. True say… Equal treatment, cos’ they are one among us…

    Noticed only today… Politicians who usually make big media fuss abt silly things… never do anything to raise awareness on such important issues… not even a single politician did !!

  2. Oh I almost forgot that today is the World AIDS Day. Thanks a lot for the post. Ya I agree with u…We need to fight against such discrimination.
    Besides, there’s also the need to eliminate the social stigma among the HIV-infected individuals. U know? In India or for that matter,in any country, there’s a lack of reliable statistics regarding HIV prevalence. The most important factor responsible for this is Social Stigma among HIV-infected individuals. A HIV-infected person,even after knowing that he’s HIV-Positive,doesn’t consult a HIV-Counselling centre although the Government has established enormous number of HIV Counselling centres in the country. The reason being he’s afraid of what the society might talk of him and his family,if any of his friends or relatives or collegues or some other person he knows,comes to know that he has visited the HIV-couselling centre. Because of this social stigma,most of the HIV-positive cases are still hidden in the society.And these cases are at a greater risk of inappropriate and inadequate Anti-retroviral therapy which atleast can prolong their life span by a few years.
    This social stigma,in turn,can be eliminated only if the discrimination is abolished. So the first and foremost strategy in this regard is the Elimination of Discrimination.
    Although the Risk of HIV infection is highest with Unsafe Blood Transfusions, now-a-days almost all the infections are due to Unprotected sex. This is because no one is doing blood transfusion without screening the blood for HIV,HBV etc. But almost every PULIRAJA prefers to have sex without a condom although it costs not more than a tea or coffee. The fact is that it is rapidly spreading along the National Highways and Long Distance Train routes as there will be many PULIRAJAS(esp Lorry Drivers) spreading the virus from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.
    We are still struggling to reduce the HIV transmission. Hope one day we can see a HIV-free nation……..

    1. @Satheesh…

      Welcome back Satheesh… after a vely long time…

      So, with ur say, it’s that discrimination which is creating more HIVians in the society…
      Let us hope that our hope turn into reality soooooon!!!

  3. Thanks a lot for this thoughtful post Bala .. so heartfelt .. Its really bad to see them being shunned 😦

    And the lines where u hv written abt the kids who are suffering for no fault of theirs brought tears to my eyes 😦

    We do need to accept them and show them love and respect!

    I so feel the same about hijras too 😦 .. no mistake of theirs. I agree they irritate when they hit u, force u to give money, but its bcoz they r not allowed to live or granted jobs etc.. like normal beings.

    Hoping for the better! With u on this one.

    1. @Swaram…

      Yes, there are many kinds of people who are getting discriminated, jus bcoz of our narrow mindedness..

      Transgenders.. most pittiest ppl I wud say…. Just bcoz of some hormone problem, they are getting their talents disapproved and deprived of even a basic right that we ppl enjoy…

      Hope, the one which is helping these people also to run with us…

  4. There are a whole lot of people isolated for physical irregularities for which they are not responsible by any means….
    HIV is one of them. Thanks for reminding we HAVE to be considerate to every human!!

    1. @Savitha…

      After alll, they are also humans who have every right that we have…
      So just because of this viral infection, they are not turned into some other species…
      We all just need a little broad mind to occupy them…

  5. All professionals are not educated. Only broad minded people are well educated. Sex education is a positive approach to have awareness about HIV, its causes and effects.

    Whenever I come across AIDS, Kamal’s dialog in “Nammavar” comes to my mind. Did u get that dialog?

    1. @Kaaru…

      Well said da!!! All professionals are not educated…
      Educated is a large bracket that covers many more qualities….

      I cannot the recollect the exact dialogu… but it’s the dialogue that says to Gowthami, when she questions his idea of making the girls n boys to sit together… Right da???

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