Friday Fil-In #7

Hey all!!! Just now got the questions for this week’s Friday Fill-in from my friend Kaarthik. We don’t want to miss this week’s post at any cost… Just for a single reason… My friend Murugesh has ordered me not to post this week’s fill-in… So we just want to do what he doesn’t want us to…. J Here I go…


1. When did u know about the word “blog”? & Whose blog did u read first?

I don’t remember the time when I got to know about the term ‘blog’.  But I was in a thought to start one from the very first time I got to know it. It was my bro Arun’s blog that I read first. Still remember the day he showed me his writing in Nellai…

2. What made you start the blog?

Again it was Arun’s blog that inspired me to start one… Also I just want to express my thoughts in some way… and this one seemed pretty simple ‘n’ cool…

3. Which celebrity blogs do u follow & which one do you like?

Chinmayi’s blog. And like her blog since she write more on social issue…

4. Whose blog you like and envy the most among ur blog readers? (No diplomacy)

There are many blogs that I like and envy… Not telling in diplomacy…. Every writing tells something that I don’t know… in a different way… some in a inspiring way… some in a comic way…. some in a humoristic way….

5. Whose blog u want to improve among your co-bloggers (Again, no diplomacy)

Again with no diplomacy… I have to tell the same answer that I wrote above in a bit different way…. Coz everyone will give out their best while writing the posts….. So nothing as such I can suggest… It’s their way and idea… And I’m reader of those ideas…

6. What’s your take when some people (Like Murugesh, Thiyagu and others) make fun of ur posts?

We should be having these guys around…. Just bcoz atleast having these guys in mind, I would not give up writing…. As I said in the beginning, just to do what they don’t want me to…

P.S. I dedicate this post to my friend ‘Murugesh’, who is an ardent follower of my blog !!


12 thoughts on “Friday Fil-In #7

  1. I knew u were inspired by Arun’s Blog. But pls dont be diplomatic. I want atleast one in each category I’ve asked.
    I knw u want mine to be improved. Something other than the film stuff, right?

    Thank God u have posted it atlast. I didnt want Muru to win. U didnt mention this week’s plans?

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