Friday Fill-Ins – Kamal Special

Yay!!! Weekend again!  How it would be if it is going to be only weekends all the time in life??? It would be gr8 fun right?!?! But life will get bored then!!

And my friend Kaarthik also hasn’t forgotten to send me his Friday fill-n questions for this week. And as he knows well that I’m a diehard fan of Kamal Hassan and thalaivar is celebrating his birthday today, he just sent me questions all related to Kamal. And he named it Kamal Special.

And here I go, posting a day late…


1. Which movie made you die-hard Kamal fan? (Don’t give biased answer be Specific)

I really don’t know the movie that made me a fan of Kamal. But it’s ‘Thevar Magan’ that turned me a diehard fan of him.

2. Mention you’re most favorite 2 movies of Kamal in each Genre

All of his movies are my favorite. However, as you need specific answers, let me list out a couple out of my favorites.

Romance: Punnagai Mannan, Ek Tuje ke Liye

Action: Kuruthi Punal, Sathya

Comedy: MMKR, Pesum Padam

Rom Com: Ninaithale Inikkum, Singaravelan

Thriller: Sigappu Rojakkal, Vettaiyadu Vilayadu

Tragedy: Mahanathi, Salangai Oli

Pucca Masala: Vasool Raja, Aboorva Sagotharargal

Village Subject: Thevar Magan, Virumaandi

Social Subject: Anbe Sivam, Varumayin Niram Sigappu

Experimental Movie: Hey Ram, Guna

Cameo Role: Nala Thamayanthi, Magalir Mattum

3. Which Kamal movie you have missed to watch and would like to watch?

Yes, there is one such movie. I’m still hunting for its DVD. It is Kokila, a kannada movie directed by Balu Mahendra, starring Kamal Hassan & Shobha.  If anyone of you have the dvd, plsssssssssss gimme.

4. Which song do you like sung by Kamal?

Many.  To say some… Yaar Yaar Sivam(Anbe Sivam), Sunthari neeyum(MMKR), Thenpaandi cheemayile (Nayagan).

5. Name 3 movies for which he deserved National Award but didnt get. (pls dnt say he deserves for all the movies)

Not all movies. But there are many movies for which he deserves a national award. But as you want me to say 3 movies, here is my list – Pesum Padam, Thevar Magan & Hey Ram.

6.  Who’s the best pair for Kamal Hassan after Sri Devi? (Coz she’s the 1st Best pair for him) and who’s the worst heroine of Kamal?

Best, I would say Jaya Pradha. I just love their pair in Ninaithaley Inikkum & Salangai Oli.

Worst, Whom to say??? Shobana

7. If you get a chance to watch a movie at Sathyam with Kamal Hassan which movie will u choose? (Again be Specific)

Every movie would be my answer. But my friend knows that this would be my answer. So he wants me to be specific.

Hey Ram – coz this is a movie directed by Kamal himself. Every scene in this movie conveys a lot more than we perceive. But I just want to know the thing he tried to show in that scene.

Thevar Magan – Only I just want to watch Kamal while he watches this movie. Especially the scene involving Kamal & Sivaji.

I hope that I’ve dne justice to the questions.

And wish Kamal Hassan, a very happy birthday..

What say guys???

I just love speaking about Kamal

20 thoughts on “Friday Fill-Ins – Kamal Special

  1. display pic paathapovay nenachen…enaku pudicha ela moviesum listla iruku..silathu missing..panchathanthiram..thenali…evlo thadava paathalum sirika vaikara rendu movies…

  2. Surprised Nayagan does not list in any of ur favorites??That’s my fav.,that and Devar magan!!

    How did u miss the live chat with him,organised by Vijay TV??:P

  3. Hey 85% of ur answers matched with mine. I too became a fan of him from Devar Magan. Since we entered our 10th age then, we get to know more about Cinema and acting stuff.

    I have seen the Hindi remake of Kokila with Ramesh Aravind, Revathi and Heera in the lead roles. But I’ve not watched his much acclaimed 100th movie Raajaparvai yet. Searching for its DVD for a long time. Do u have?

    I too wud watch Hey Ram with him if I get a chance. Coz i have to clarify my doubts with the creator himself.

    I too like his Yaar Yaar Sivam.

    IMO, next best pair for him after Sridevi is Ambika, Worst heroine of Kamal so far is Roshini (Heroine of Guna)

  4. Hi,
    Nice post..!! Awesome questions by your friend and equally good ( and honest) answers. You missed Sathi Leelavathy and Moodraam Pirai… They’re my favorites with the list above. 🙂

  5. Wow! Lot of info abt Kamal’s movies here!

    I hv only seen Ek Duje Ke Liye, Pushpaka Vimaan, Chachi 420!

    I love his role in Swath Muthyam! One of my fav movies of all times 🙂

  6. Haiyo! Complete collection bala! Chanceless!! I like Kamal, but not a die-hard as u know! But he is one such actor who devotes himself completely to whatever he does !!

    1. @Shruti..

      Thanks Shruti!!

      // he is one such actor who devotes himself completely to whatever he does // – this is one thing that made me a diehard fan of him… It’s his dedication that has lifted him up to this stature… He’s a man who has just dedicated himself to the world of cinema…

  7. Hi
    This is R.G.Venkatesh G.N.Films. Chennai. I am the proud world copy rights holder of Balumahendra’s “KOKILA” Stg: Kamal Haasan. I have not sold the vcd dvd copy rights of the said film, planning to release the film in theatre all over world in qube and UFO digital format.
    Please give your feedback about what kind of responce the movie will get when its released,and inform me if there is any sponsors available.
    Please waite to watch it in Theatre soon and on the original DVD VCD later.

    1. @Venkatesh

      I think the response will be good enough from the claasic film lovers.. but not from the mass audience…
      It will be great, if you release the theatre print & DVD/VCD with subtitles or tamil dubbed version…

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