Terrific Tendulkar!!

Last evening, when I reached home after running all way from the kathipara junction, it was gone. The moment for which I came rushing had passed away. God!! Missed it! Missed it by a single run!

Yes, I was just talking about one of the golden moments that every Sachin fan would love to watch. It’s the moment during which the little master takes off his helmet and gives a glance at the sky. It’s the moment during which the forever star batsman of India just way his heavy bat to the spectators. It’s the moment during which he broke his very own record again. It’s the moment that Sachin Tendulkar scores his tons. It was one such moment that I missed to watch yesterday when he reached his 45th ODI ton while scoring a dazzling 175 runs, that too against the world champions Aussies.

On scoring his 45th ton in Hyderabad, Nov 05, 2009
On scoring his 45th ton in Hyderabad, Nov 05, 2009

What an innings it was from Sachin last night??? Mind blowing. Superb. Terrific. Brilliant. Lightening. I’m just searching for words to depict his play yesterday. I saw the Sachin from the times of 90’s yesterday in the field yesterday. He treated every bowler with no mercy. He cleared the boundaries just like that with his trademark classic shots. He was just enjoying the play himself in the field. I just got to see some enthusiastic gestures in him when I was watching the replay of his shots.

Yet another feather added to his cap yesterday, which is already crowned with hell a lot of feathers. He has set another record in the history of ODI reaching the 17000 runs, that too in his style. I’m damn sure and even the whole world is damn sure that no present cricketer can break this record. That’s where this batting maestro is standing tall in the cricketing world.  I just love the way Sachin answers his critics. Every time when someone throws a negative critic at him, he stays silent. Just smash that throw of that critic’s way beyond the boundaries with his bat.

However, again saw an Indian team which was much alike in 90’s.  A team that was not able to give the much needed partnership support to Sachin. All his performance ended into vain. I haven’t seen Sachin with such a disappointed face in any presentation ceremonies before. He played truly from his heart and just wanted the team to make use of his effort and convert it into a victory. It was almost an one man show yesterday except the supporting partnership from Suresh Raina.

I just love Sachin for whatever he was, for whatever he is & for whatever he will be!

Long live Sachin!! And wish he plays forever for India!!


15 thoughts on “Terrific Tendulkar!!

  1. glad to see this post 🙂 i wanted to post on this topic today 🙂 thalai kalakings..and yesterday i had the chance to see his full innings right from ball one :))) it was such a beauty and a pleasure to watch 🙂

    1. @Gils…

      Envy on u… I was not able to watch his full innings…
      But got to see his classic shots all thro the game….
      It’s a real treat not only to the sachin fans, but also to the cricket lovers..

      1. nothing to envy aiya 🙂 moonu naala sever back spasm..opicekay pola 😀 so not just this match…oru channel udama tv nonstopa oditrunthichi 🙂

  2. helo…blog hap la inga vanthen!! ya ya nanum match parthen…only thru cric info and last couple of overs…shame that last 4 batsmen cud not carry it from there!! thats the least tribut they cud hav given the master!…cya around dude!


    1. @Hary…

      Welcome to my space and thanks for dropping the comments here Hary!!
      But I watched his game from 101 runs…

      Yes, it was so pity that they were not able to give that tribute atleast…
      Silly mistakes by jadeja ‘n’ praveen costed the team and this man a lot..

  3. U missed some of the record completed on that day by sachin…

    1) 17000 runs ( u mentioned it).
    2) 6000 runs against Australia for sachin.
    3) Fastest hundred (81 balls) for sachin against Australia.
    4) Highest score (175) by any indian against Australia.

  4. Add one more feather…. Today Sachin’s completes his 20th year of international cricket…. You cant even imagine a cricketer of this age with the same passion when he started his cricketing career… Still miles to go for him…. No one can achieve his heights he has achieved in this game….

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