Wake Up!!

As I stepped into my floor’s refreshment room in office, got to see two men seriously discussing some things with the newspapers spread across the table. From their chats, I was damn sure that they are not speaking something that is there in the newspaper. As I was filling my water bottle, one among those two men said an info that shocked the other men, even me too. Yes, happened to overhear them, as they were the only people chit-chatting there and their discussion was much audible to my ears. Now you may ask about the info that shocked me in that room??? I’ll tell you that for sure. In fact, I just penned this post to tell you all that info.

That men was telling the amount in words (as we do in smaller grades in school), that he has to pay to admit his kid for Pre-KG in some school. Wanna make a guess??? It’s the amount that started with the number five followed by four zeros. And lot more guys. Yes, this is just the tuition fees & donation and a lot more is that they are going to suck from that kid’s packet in the name of bus fees, uniform fees, etc.  Not sure about your guesses, but I wouldn’t have made a guess somewhere close to these digits for sure. I know that education is business now-a-days, but a bit ignorant that it has grown up to this extent. If I just tweak my brain a bit, it would bring up the number 1100, which my parents spent from their packet to pay my 12th grade tuition fees. I’m sure that some people may say a number even less than this.

Some people may justify this amount by saying that the campus is fully air conditioned, hygienic foods served over there, and they nurture good habits in kids. Even these justifications seems meaningless to me. I guess that kids at this age should be allowed to play freely in the open air or at least in a structure that gets the fresh air inside. But here they are dumped just like vegetables inside an air conditioned room. If you ask me, I would say that the people at home can cultivate the good habits in kids well than these paid staffs in schools. I’m not saying that these staffs are not doing rightly, but I’m saying that people there in home teach the kids good habits with their family culture and love meddled in it. This cannot be taught by the teachers there at schools. May be to some extent, hygienic foods matters, but it would not take a toll of this amount.

Really I’m not able to understand the kind of system we are living in and the way we are heading to.  I’m asking myself a number of times that what the hell they are going to give this kid that is demanding a hefty half a lakh rupees.  As far as I know, the kid is just going to spend some time inside a campus playing with few more kids and learn some stuff like alphabets and numbers. To teach this, I don’t think that the school management needs someone graduated from IIT or IIM. And the more shocking thing is that these parents are ready to pay this amount and get the admission anyway.  May be these parents tend to go with this, just to avert the problems they may get when they try to board their kid in this school for higher classes in future.

But the reality that cannot be fooled is that the board exam toppers are not from these hyped schools, but from a very normal school from rural area and sometimes from a government school too. May be the toppers in English and other regional languages come from these schools. Great people like Abdul Kalam are not the ones who did their schooling in convents or such hi-tech schools. They just had their school grades completed in the government schools. Even the school in which the children are studying is a matter of concern, but it cannot be said that it’s the only thing that decides the quality of education that the children receive. The larger part lies on the kid who is pursuing the study.

 With the surveys telling us that our country is going to have the greatest percentage of youth population and the western countries going to have to the most percentage of ageing population, the government has to transform the burden of growing population into a boon of intellectual assets. This can be done only using the greatest tool of education. It has to be made available to all in this country. Moreover the emphasis has to be that the quality of the education should be same to all. It’s not that just because a kid’s person is not rich, he/she should not be forbidden to the quality education. I believe that the only way to do this is by reorganizing the education policies of the government on education. The government schools should be equipped enough that it attracts even the rich people to get joined in it.

So let me finish of this post with a hope that these dreams will come true during my lifetime itself!!!


14 thoughts on “Wake Up!!

  1. Excellent post,Raja! Close to my heart, I have always wanted to do a post on this. I wish we could educate our kids within our house premises,help them take compartmental exams,rather than these schools. but, you know what? Schools like these are celebrated. And this is sheer business…with the hype, demand increases, and hence the price increases further! Sick, sick of the education system. And despite all these hefty amts u spend, one fine day, the reservations for higher education is going to make life miserable!!

    1. @Savitha…

      Thanks akka!
      We could do a lot to educate the needy people…
      Reservations… Going to take toll on the future India for sure…
      Coz these reservations are mostly used by the people who have already developed, but not the ones who are in need of it….
      Wish our education system break these conventions and take up a new avatar soon!!!

  2. Hey, I’m gonna reserve a seat for my kid in PSBB soon after my wedding. U too do else it would be very difficult in future.

  3. Jokes apart! Really our Education System has become purely commercial and those so called schools dont even deserve that whopping amount. This type of system has to be abandoned. T

  4. Brilliant post! Its true that schools are all abt business nowadays 😦 I hv heard such stories from family and friends recently! I ws really disturbed.

    They claim they do many things differently! U know what they r? They take kids for field trips in top-of-line cars as they claim!
    R we paying them the huge amount for taking our kids to Post Office, Super Markets etc.. we cn as well do that rt!
    Sad that education hs become more of a status symbol 😦

    Amen to the hope!

    1. @Swaram

      Thank you Swaram!!

      Very true you are… Education has become more of a status symbol now-a-days…Even the schools with the best teachers are not getting the credits… just because they do not know the kind of marketing these hyped schools are doing…

      If this is going to continue.. may be after a decade, it would be like we can buy a degree just like groceries from shops…

  5. Wow bala, awesome post 🙂 truly awesome and loved it! KG fees is 50,000 eh?! :O :O :O
    Education is the best business one can think of in this recession… Starting from schools to B-Schools, everyone is cashing!
    “”the government has to transform the burden of growing population into a boon of intellectual assets””
    Really beautiful lines!

    Cheers bala,

    1. @Shruti..

      Thanks Shruti!

      Education may seem to be a best business idea in this recession….
      But it is being regarded as business would push our future generation into a lifelong recession…

  6. Ah very well-said.

    I’ve been hearing such details also. In my colony, all the couples insist that their kids only study in these suddenly sprung up ‘international’ schools. They are ready to pay the exhorbitant fee that they claim. Its unimaginable. I fail to see what attracts them to those schools..

    1. @ Lostworld…

      Thank you!

      May be they got attracted to the word ‘International’ I guess…
      Ppl many times get attracted to the hype these schools create as part of their marketing…
      Just the thought of giving their kids a very good education is making the parents blind enough to reach these schools…

  7. I feel even if the schools are a business it would be fine , if they provide what they promise. Basically good infrastructure and teachers that are well trained, patient and with a fondness for children. What we see is that although these schools charge hefty amounts, they do not provide what they promise.

    Government should focus on providing good basic and primary education with the option of learning English, because that is what all Indian parents want (but many can’t afford).

    If we have enough good school, there will be some competition and the charges will come down and the schools will become answerable and accountable for what they charge. Right now any bans will simply mean the money is paid as donation to some other charity (owned by the school).

    It’s not practical to expect really good teachers to work without good pay, then we will only get those teachers who failed to get into any other field, and I am sure such teachers will not be good motivators.

    1. @Indian Homemaker..

      Very well said…
      Even after collecting hefty amounts from us, they are not ready(or not equipped) to give us the things they promised…
      Govt. has a large role to play wrt education in India… the education just needs a large scale revolution to happen in it…
      Coz it is going to shape up the development and stature of our nation across the globe tomorrow…

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