Friday Fill-In #5

Hey all… Many of you would have forgotten that this blog was once updated with a fill-in post every Friday (Only 4 Fridays it happened:-P)… Even me too.. However my friend Kaarthik didn’t… Cos he was the one who emailed me the Friday fill-in questions last Friday… And I’m posting it a week delayed… Hope he won’t mind…

So with the loud enough beats of Rakkamma Kaiyya Thattu in my headsets, let me give some stupid answers for his stupid questions… 😛


1. What are ur general activities on Diwali? Have u ever taken traditional Oil bath (Ganga Snaanam) at 4 am?

Visit a temple… Eat a lot… Meet friends… Fire Crackers (not these days)… Watch tv… nothing much I guess… Yes, I had that bath at that time once…

2. Which is ur Best and Worst Diwali till date and why?

All Diwalis are same to me… Nothin best or worst… After all it’s a day to be happy… So enjoyed every diwali till date…

3. What was ur Diwali gift to ur Family?

NOTHING…:-P Me being there at home on Diwali is itself a gift for them.. Isnt it???

4. Have u watched any Diwali release film on the Diwali day in theater?

Yes… No… Honestly I could not remember… Poor memory… Guess am growing old… :-/

5. Did u fire crackers this year?

Yes… Few flower pots to entertain my nephew… but in vain atlast…. Coz it scared him… 😦

6. Will next Diwali be ur ThalaI Diwali?

Not that early!!! Lemme live my bachelor life for some more time…

7. And as for the weekend, I’ll spend today with my mom, my nephew N at my sis A’s home, tomorrow my plans include washing, shopping for CK and visit my friend Santhosh and Sunday, I’ve to mark my presence both mentally ‘n’ physically at the MBA class!


10 thoughts on “Friday Fill-In #5

  1. first! oh, ur mom at chennai? with N? great!! Can you send me his photos, please?

    Your Diwali must be great!! What with N growing up! Wait till next year, he’ll grow up and teach you to fire flower pots and atom bombs 😛

  2. Dai, enna adhukkullya? U have admitted that u r getting older. So kaalaa kaalathula kaal kattu pottukko!

    Ur mom and N are here? Sollave illa?! Ur sis A is blessed with a baby? B or G?

  3. One more thing u have 4got10 da. U have written in Aug that u wud dedicate a blog for Kamalhaasan every month. But u didnt. Hope u wud do it atleast on 7th Nov

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