Confessed Thought!!!

Hope You dont mind about the length of the post!!! 🙂

No teacher was there at the dais. So it’s the time during which the whole class showed their strength to the school and to some teachers sitting in the staff room very nearby. Even out of that whole lot, some were serious in their work, as this is the year that is going to decide their lane of life thereafter. And some other were enjoying with no second thought other than to emphasize the thought of living that very moment. And this boy sitting in the last but one bench belonging to the latter also was doing his part of chit chat with his friends to tune their class’s voice up by some more decibels.

Never such shouts go unnoticed in schools and also this time too. But to their surprise, it was their class teacher who attended their shout this time. The moment that tall fair lady stepped inside the class, the whole class jumped upon the mute button all in a go. The silence was such that it would make the teacher to doubt whether she has come to the right class who were shouting like anything. What would happen next in that class?? A short lecture about the importance of this year for the students out there and a bit of advice not to shout anymore came as expected. But this time, she added spicy news with suspense to her usual advice. Every one gazed at each other hearing the words, ‘Someone has done a mischievous thing in this class. And also I have found out that. But I want that person to come and accept it before the end of the day’, from their class teacher.

Now as their teacher left, the whole class switched to the murmuring mode, but the murmur is about the guy who would have done that. And this boy and his bench mates also got into it. As the school got over for that day, everyone were cheered to go back home, except a guy. Hope you got the reason for that. That guy was almost numb to the things happenings around him. Friends of him being rushed to the cycle stand, the steps of this guy lead to staff room. And there she saw his class teacher just waiting for his arrival. As he entered the room, she started talking about the mischief. Even after the heart of that guy brought him to confess his mischief, his mind was trying its luck to convince the teacher that it’s not his play. But his mind at last fell down notwithstanding the truth. The teacher’s last few words ‘You should bring your father tomorrow’ waked up the guy who was almost lost somewhere.

The boy left the room and reached the cycle stand where his friends were waiting for him. With his eyes wet, he uttered those words ‘I did that mischief da…’ to his friend, which really sent a shock. All his friends couldn’t believe this, but the truth made them to believe. Even some of their friends scared that he may not go home, but would go somewhere. A medley of confusing thoughts all over the mind, that boy drove his cycle to home. Hundreds of ideas came into his mind to tell this to his father. But none was accompanied by the feeling of braveness. No other way around, he managed to tell his father that his class teacher want to meet him with a escape tag for that moment that he doesn’t know the reason for it. He was not calm enough because he has only crossed a quarter of the well.

As the next day dawned with bright light for everyone, this guy saw a dark tunnel waiting for him that day. He was not able to frame anything like what would happen and how he is going to respond in his mind. Everything seemed like a vision of dilated eyes to him. His friends enquired things happened in home last day and consoled him nothing would happen. But he was not in a state to accept it. As the class was going, he saw a face at the class entrance asking for him. It was his father and he gathered the braveness hiding in each & every corner to take his father to the class teacher. And finally the meet happened.

The briefing by the teacher to that father was not much like a complaint, but a feeling of shock. And the shock of same power was seen at that father’s face too. He couldn’t believe what is happening around there. Millions of reactions travelled in his face. And the boy at that moment realized the price that his mischief spared. Lastly both the father and the teacher heard the apologizing words from the boy and an untold promise of never repeating it in future that he uttered to himself. The whole class came to know about this incident and the boy’s involvement in it. But a feeling of pity commanded more than the feeling of badness about the boy among his classmates. He saw the beauty of friendship among his friends who haven’t shown the feeling of hatred for hiding this act from them, but showered the feeling of concern by their caring words.

Then after completing the tuition of the class teacher, the boy travelled home with countless questions about what would happen in home. The moment he saw his mom, his eyes got wet, not because of the guiltiness of doing such a mischief, but for breaking the trust she had on me. But she behaved no differently that day and served him the evening lunch with the same concern and love. And as the stars started becoming visible with the dark background in the sky, the boy heard the bike sound of his father. His heart started beating so fast that it would burst in seconds. The feeling of guilty, fear, panic, and anxiety all together raged a war over the boy to keep him disquiet at the mind at that moment.

And the time came, when that parent and the boy sat at their home’s door steps to discuss about this incident, so that it do not reach the ears of that boy’s sister who is reading her lessons inside. Nothing was uttered by their parents except the question ‘Who did this kiddo?’. This father and mother still didn’t believe that their son has done this mischief and this thing brought that hiding tear from that boy’s eyes. He told that he was the one who did that and apologized for it. He really stuck in awe the very next moment when his parent told him the words ‘Leave it. What ever happened is happened. Let’s think about what needs to happen next. Study well and score good marks kiddo. That’s all what we want it from you.’ It’s this kind conversation of his parents that night made him to feel guiltiest and also made him so strong at heart not to repeat that mistake thereafter in his life. Even if his parents had yelled at him or beaten him, it wouldn’t have that painful. Those kind words made that boy to understand the trust and love that their parents have on him.

So guys… I believe that you all are very eager to know what that mischievous act was …. It’s nothing but the rank was changed from 15 to 13 while getting the parent’s signature and changed it back to 15 in the progress report….See what a big change…. And you know who that chap who did this…Yeh… as u guessed it’s ME… and I just penned this post as a thought of confession to this world. Hope you got what I meant!


11 thoughts on “Confessed Thought!!!

  1. 🙂 The parents they were! I am all misty eyed!! But, you were/are always their pride, Raja!! God bless the family. Does P know it now?

      1. by the way,look how innocent you had been changing from 15 to 13, could have erased the 5 and made it 1, or could have erased 1 and made it 5. You are such a kid, Raja!! Not even know to do mistakes well!! 🙂

        1. @Savitha…
          For you it seems to be innocence akka… but it looks so stupid for me…
          I just couldnt understand my mind at that point of time to change from 15 to 13… Not much diff exists b/w them…

  2. //But she behaved no differently that day and served me the evening lunch with the same concern and love.//

    Here itself u have revealed urself by writing “served me” instead of “served him”.

  3. Oh! Long live such parents! I cn so imagine the war-like scene which would hv taken place @ most places! It ws nice that they asked u to study and forget it! N nice of u to have realized it too 🙂 Nt many guys of that age do!

    Nice post with a msg!

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