Experienced One-time. Remembered Lifetime.

Yes. As the title says, it was one thing that I experienced last evening for one time. But its remembrance stays in my heart for all my lifetime. But to have this experience, I travelled to a place nearly a 100 Km away from the Chennai city that really took around two and a half hours. But I never felt bad or uncomfortable for that. Because it’s really a deserved event for that travel, even more too. If you think that I’m exaggerating something, then I would say ‘Not at all….’

Okay. Before you let your patience down and throw some trash at me, let me tell what I experienced last evening. Me, along with my friends Thiyagu, Aravind, Clarence & his bro went to a live concert ‘Jai Ho’ that gave us chance to winess the lightning performance of the Twin Oscar Winner, the Mozart of Madras, the one and only A R Rahman. Before you give your heavy sigh off, let me tell you one more thing that it was a crowd of 70,000 people with whom we enjoyed this event.

As you all know(even if you dont know, get it now :-)), Rahman is doing his ‘Jai Ho’ live concert tours, after winning the Oscars. This is his 3rd event of his tour after rocking there at Calicut and Pune and the first live performance in his hometown after the Oscars. This whole Chennai concert happened in Swarnabhoomi, a going–to-be built township by Marg Properties. Buses were arranged by them and we were picked from Guindy and dropped there at the venue around evening 5.30. But before the event was started, our patience was really tested for nearly an hour, giving some speeches and other things by Marg Properties. This thing and rendition of hindi songs even if a tamil version existed for it can be named as little negative in this concert.

But, when we heard the magnetic voice of Rahman with a glimpse of him, the whole venue roared with enjoyment to welcome our own Rahman. At that very moment, the whole crowd just forgot about the long journey and wait that they have done. As Rahman started with a special composition for Jai Ho concert making small changes to one of the theme music of Guru, the whole venue was lightened with cheers and everyone were trying their best to see this man. And then came the number Kalbali from RDB and Athiradee from Sivaji, both being performed by Rahman himself.

Since many of the people were struggling to watch Rahman, he stepped into a crane like thing; he was taken to the top; and moved all over that he enjoyed the crowd and we watched him performing live the track Jiya se jiya from his album Connections. What a celebration it was??? It cannot be told just in words.  And then came some mind blowing hindi numbers and some more soothing love numbers by other singers and Rahman.

Then the time at the whole crowd got charged up was when the song Taxi from Sakkarakatti performed with full energy by Benny and Blaze. We all stood up in chairs and sang along with them clapping the hands with full cheers. Then we got bombed back with the number Mayya mayya from Guru. The melody specialist Hariharan then rendered his voice for song Kathal Rojave(Hindi version) from Roja, but it sounded not that good to match the original by SPB. It was the original singer of Kabhi Adithi from Jaane Tu ya Jaane na performed that song next and it was too good to listen it live.

And we were able to watch Rahman playing Piano in the stage to give us some instrumental enjoyment that also include the Gangster Blues theme from Slumdog Millionaire. Later Hariharan  joined him to give some evergreen songs like Uyire from Bombay and Tamizha Tamizha from Roja. As there are two halfs in a movie, there was also in this concert. A fifteen minute interval time was stolen by the Marg Properties people to do some speeches, to felicitate Rahman with the holy waters brought from the Ganges, the Jerusalem and the Mecca for his achievements. At that time, Rahman gave us the news that best is yet to come in the second part.


You know one thing??? Rahman always delivers as his promise and he did that here also. The song Azeem-O-Shaan Shahenshah from Jodha Akbar was started by Rahman and slowly moved to Veerapaandi Kottaylie from Thiruda Thiruda in style. Simply superb it was. Rahman’s close friend and our own favorite drummer Sivamani hasn’t missed to give his stunning performance alone and along with Rahman also. It was really mesmerising to enjoy Rahman performaning the Ghazal style songs of Khwaja from Jodha Akbar and Maula Maula from Delhi 6. Rahman while performing these ghalzal kinda songs, sat down in floor with some ethnic wear and played the Harmonium too.

Then came a pleasant surprise for us, the unexpected Chinna Kuyil Chitra with her evergreen Kannnalane from Bombay and a bonus of Nenjinile (Telugu Version) from Uyire. We got entertained with the magical voice of Rahman again for the number Dil se re from Dil Se. Most of the songs were from Maniratnam’s movie, as we all know Rahman have been at his best for Mani always.

And came the last part of the concert, where we were just taken back to the nineties. We saw that young Rahman back live in the stage. It was started with some different kinda guitar sound, making us to feel puzzled a little to guess the song, and slowly moved to the original guitar strings. Yes, we guessed the song right and it was none other than ever-ever-evergreen friendship & farewell song till date in Tamil cinema Mustafa… Mustafa… from Kathal Desam. What else you want if those most cherishing lyrics was rendered by the great AR Rahman himself. The whole 70000 people were standing in chairs, singing along with Rahman and waving their hands. Really a mind blowing experience for me it was. It’s still not over ppl… with the stylish intro by Blaze for a song that rocked the charts like anything, Rahman throwed the words on air for the song Humma Humma from Bombay

Finally came the climax of the concert. Rahman thanked all of us for the love and passion we have for his music and gathering all his concert team on stage, started the song for which the whole concert is being done. Yes, as you guess it is ‘Jai Ho’ from Slumdog Millionaire. Hearing the single voice of Jai Ho from Rahman alone do hell a lot of magic. Think what would be the experience if that is rendered by 70,000 people together. Chanceless. As this song lighted us with joy, the sky was lighted with colorful fireworks.  The mood at that time is simply unexplainable. I was a little disappointed at that time, as I expected the track Vande Mataram a lot from Rahman in the concert. Hope not only me, but many out there. 

Guys… It was AR Rahman there in the stage… How would he let us move away with disappointment???? Yes… he always reads the minds of we people… he always gives the one that we people love to hear from him…. As the jai ho song was about to complete…. A R Rahman just moved the song to Vande….. Mataram…. And the whole crowd including me were in ecstasy…  We all joined with Rahman to to end this never-forgettable concert with a patriotic touch.

Jai Ho!!!


34 thoughts on “Experienced One-time. Remembered Lifetime.

  1. Wow!! That’s a bunch of experience! Missed the show yaar!! But while reading this post i was feeling as if i was listening to the renderings of ARR!!
    Personally, Tamizha Tamizha is my all time favorite!

        1. @Shruti…
          Same Pinch…. Is this what we call as going back to childhood??? 🙂 🙂
          But being childish is always fun!!!

          Me really felt fortunate yesterday to enjoy htose live performances…

          1. That’s why i consider u as a blessed soul. I envy you!

            P.S: ‘Grow up shruti, see na, bala is considering you as a child ‘
            Same pinch pana chocolate tharanum bala 😛

            1. @Shruti…

              Ha ha… Me a blessed soul??? Thanks dude…
              Oh… U have to give me the chocolate ah?????
              chocolate kudukanumnu decide panniyachuna… look for some imported chocholates shruti….

                1. @Shruti…
                  Oh… Sorry dudette…
                  Appadiyaaaa?????? I thought the other way around… 😀
                  Okies… Will get u snickers then…
                  cha… evlo thaaraala manasuungalukku…. enakkum one vaangi tharenu solreenga…. 🙂

  2. oh… really cool anna… envy on u 🙂 …. couldnt get such a chance….hmmm hope will make it in some day or so…. and by the way nice post…!!!!

    1. @Arun Kumar….

      Thanks da!
      He he… U envying on me… But I just envied on the man on the stage last evening….
      He has gone a long long miles in the field of music… But never forgotten to take the pride of our nation along with him….

    1. @Lostworld…

      Very true… Very lucky I’m….
      Lot many times I have felt for missing an opputunity to watch such live performances…
      But last evening, it just happened… Taxi song was more electric in live….

  3. oh I cant wait to listen to him when he performs at Hyderabad. Hopefully I’ll be able to be there 🙂
    nice write up 🙂
    and I love all those songs that he has performed.. Veerapaandi Kottaylie and maula maula rank high 🙂

  4. Hi..even i had come..:) what an experience??? first time i had come for an arr show…real good synopsis by you..:)i myself was planning to post one.. i was mesmerized listening to Hariji’s uyire……..was expecting vellai pookal too. But anyways… That only voice was worth the looooong 3hr bus ride…
    I felt sivamani could’ve played more…and Except chitra, sadana sargam and hariji most of the crowd wouldn’t have known any other singers. Don’t u?

    1. @Janu…

      Really??? Where were you sitting there in the concert????
      Me too… First ARR show I have attended…. I was so impressed with Hariharan’s Thamizha Thamizha more…
      Expected Vellai pookal from ARR… but couldnt get it this time… hope he would give us in some other concert in future…
      hey… Blaze ‘n’ benny are known faces only na….

  5. Hey that was lovely!! 🙂
    and yes Rehman rocks! I have seen a Live performance by him and was simply blown away..
    Thanks for fropping by..
    Take care!

    1. @Janu…
      I was there at the 2nd row of 300 rs ticket… Everytime Rahman performs a beat song, the entire crowd were standing in the chairs only… nice to watch that isnt it…

  6. Wow! I ws so very excited for the concert on 24th here in Hyd and this post cud nt have come @ a better time! I ws there .. well, almost swaying to the tunes and tapping my feet 😉

    Lovely post this one and I am all the more excited nw! Wish time flies and 24th is here soon!

    1. @Swaram…

      Hey, thanks for dropping here at my blog… Welcome…

      Sure… Ready to come, if you could get me the filght ‘n’ show tickets… 😛 Where is it happeneing in hyd???

      I’m sure that you will enjoy the show for sure… Even the non ARR fans here wondered at the energy he created with his thundering performance…

      btw, i’m a boy… 🙂

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