Honour or Encouragement???

Just now Preity Zinta informed me about this news. Believe me… Actress Preity Zinta informed me directly… As I say this, I guess many ppl would have got surprised at me having got the information straight from Priety Zinta. But I’m more surprised than you at the information that she shared with me. Even she was even more puzzled at the info as she shared it with me.

Ooooooooooooh!!!!! I could hear ur scream here. Before you smash ur screen, let me tell you the information that I was talking about and you more eager to know about. It is nothing but the U.S President Barack Obama has got felicitated with the Nobel Peace Prize for this year 2009.

Not only me, but the whole world is wondering at this decision of the Nobel committee.  It has not been a year completed since he chaired the government there in U.S. The war is still not completely switched off in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet to pass the law to reduce carbon emission and has been a very little reduction in global nuclear stocks since he assumed office. His efforts may seem to be far better than that of his predecessor George W Bush, but not up to the benchmark contribution of a Nobel laureate I believe. It is too much kind of thing for him at this very early stage of his tenure.

May be he himself would have surprised at this announcement and even commented something like ‘Naan Avvalavu ellam worth illa da (I am not that worthy dude)…’ in vadivel style.  Let us hope that he take up this award as an encouragement, as a trust from the world communities to make his commitment against peace, poverty and disease more stronger than before and to act more stiffer than ever. But those committee people should understand the fact that such awards are not meant for encouragement, but for recognition.

Dude… Still thinking of me getting informed by Preity Zinta… I’m not saying any lies… Wanna know how??? Let me tell that before I sign off… Me being her follower in twitter, got her message in my twitter board…  Hope you got it now!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂



12 thoughts on “Honour or Encouragement???

  1. டேய் போதும் பங்காளி முடியல …மவானே கையுள்ள மாட்னே செத்த டா

  2. I can’t believe Obama got the nobel prize either! At least it’s good that Bush didn’t get it last year! 😉 That would have been the limit!

    And PZ is there in Twitter?! Geez! I am going to follow her… right about NOW! 😀 😀

    1. @Dhanya…
      The whole world is wondering the same…
      If he would have given, then it should have been called as the most lunatic and blunderous act in this universe…

      Yes… She’s in twitter… Dont you know that before????

  3. Hey my first time here bala 🙂
    Hi 🙂
    Preity buzzed u and told about OBAMA! That made me to read entire post and this left me giggling… Even am giggling while writing this! Next am gonna read your tamil kavithai!

    1. @Shruti…

      Hey Shruti… Welcome here to my blog…
      Haven’t I told any lies??? Truth Isnt’t it????
      And glad to know that my post made you happy at your first visit..
      Hope you wud get that at every other visit…

      Oh… You know Tamil??? Hope you dont feel bad with my kavithais…

  4. Even at first I too thought the same anna….but went through some website and found interesting quotes from one many websites quoting the things like…who can nominate person


    explains clearly about the nomination.

    Ans also Nobel Peace Prize can be given to a person, where the result is not a Mandatory one for the prize. It never says in any of the category that there must be some achieved result in order to gain the Prize.

    So viewing from these points I would say it not bad to provide him the peace prize but that must be fruitful. Also this not the first time that peace prize is awarded to someone who has only taken steps, for ex….. i found this in internet regarding “The Nobel committee gave South African bishop Desmond Tutu the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984 for his leadership of efforts to abolish apartheid in South Africa”.

    I would say that this prize would put more pressure on him to do something out of blue in order to prove that he is worth of it….

    Only time will tell us the answer and we hope for the best

    1. @Arunkumar…
      Not only u and me da… but many think so….
      As you say and is is said, that result is not mandatory for this prize…
      But I feel that it’s too early to give him… Coz he’s going to be in office for four more years for sure….
      So time is there to watch more from him….
      However as it is given, let it be a pressure for him to do what the world wants from him as u said…
      Let’s wait n see!!!

    1. @Lostworld…

      LOL… Obama’s kids to inform me… I haven’t grown up to that stage yet… 😀
      Yeah… sometimes she discuss that too with me… poor girl!!! 😛

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