Celebrating the day!

Yayyyy!!! I’m back here with a post after a long break, but for a special reason. I guess that many people may shower me with loads ‘n’ loads of curses if they got to know that special reason. But am not scared again of those curses and bold enough to put yet again a post to kill you people. Ok.. Ok.. With these idiotic exaggerations ‘n’ mokkai apart… let me come to what I wanted to share with you, without running around the board (I jus love to test your patience…… J)… It’s nothing but that it has been a long 1 year got completed since I started this blog….

Yes, the same day, a year back, sowed a tiny seed by the name ‘Third Eye’ in this evergreen blogging world. At that time, I was not even sure of whether I’ll keep this one alive till this day. Bcoz many things I have started in my life, but a very few out of them are staying alive today. So I feel happy that this blog is able to celebrate its 1st birthday. For this, maybe I’m one of the most important reasons… but without the kindness of you ppl to accept my writing and the patience of some more to ink their comments, this would not be possible… So I wish to thank you ppl today…

I feel very fortunate to celebrate my blog’s first birthday in a week that is being celebrated as Joy of Giving Week… So let me also get the joy of giving some awards to my blog’s fellow readers… and here I go…



– to Arun who was my biggest inspiration to start this blog and a blogger to follow my posts with his cool comments always… He is one of the coolest blogger that I’ve came across… And I jus love his fictions and stories…

The next award,


-to Kaarthik, who have just written most number of his posts on movies… A blogger who just keep tab on every posts in my blog… Me too on his blog….

This one,


-to Savitha who is one of the most mature blogger that I’ve came across… She is one blogger who just pen every post in her blog for a reason and a meaningful thought embedded in it….

Here is a special award,


-to one of my blog’s ardent reader Murugesh, who never forget to speak about the latest post in my blog every time I speak with him over phone… He cannot be called as critic and even calling him by that would sound funny… so am giving this award to him…

And a final award with a simple note ,


-to many readers of this blog who have made their presence just by their silence and to ppl who were willing to let me know their comments by penning them here in my blog….

So with this joy of giving, let me thank all of my blog’s readers for their patience and hope that I’ll stay alive here in this blogging world forever… J



24 thoughts on “Celebrating the day!

  1. Hi Bala, Congrats! In my blog language “Happy B’day to Your Blog”.

    Thanks a lottttttttttttt… Really I didnt expect the surprise award and an Incredible award to Muru!!

    Though I say many of ur posts as mokkais, I dont mean it. I always feel it as a sensible and thought provoking post.

    Keep blogging.

  2. Many More Happy returns of the day Bloggie.. Make ur author proud in the days to come.. Hoping to see many more cool posts from you in ur second year… 😀

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