A wish came true !!

Many times wished… but never believed that it would come true… nothing much serious I am talking about…  Every time watched a movie in Sathyam Cinemas, wished to see some classic movies in that screen, but never believed it would happen… at last that day came… Yes… it was last morning I watched one of my all time favorite classic ‘Devar Magan’ here in Sathyam…

Whenever I watch or think or talk about this movie, a quick flashback runs in my head… it’s about the first time when I watched this movie… It was my dad who took me, my mom and sis to theatre to watch this movie… If I commit back to my memory, this was the first movie which my dad took us for a movie in theatres…

And the part which comes to my mind is that, my dad having been such well worst with Coimbatore, that day was searching for routes to find the entrance of the theatre… We were just going round-o-round the Archana Theatre….  At last got to find the entrance and when we get into the theatre, the movie has got started already and ‘Potri Paadadi Penne’ was playing out there…. We all four just enjoyed the movie… When we were about to leave the theatre, it was my mom who told that it would be good to watch this movie again… It was she who stood against this movie and wanted to go to Roja…

Coming back from my flashback… Really don’t know the number of times that I have watched this movie… but last morning, it was with same curiosity and interest with which I watched this movie… That’s the magic always some classics bring to us… really an awesome experience… enjoyed each and every frame… especially the emotional conversation between Kamal Hassan and Sivaji Ganesan… In that scene both of them will puzzle us to find the who the best actor is among them… and just can’t remove the frame of Kamal appearing with devar moustache just before the intermission from eyes even now…

Hell a lot of ‘em and things are there to extol in this movie… Kamal’s performance as an actor, story, screenplay & dialogue writer and producer… Sivaji’s awesome performance… Ilayaraja’s Mind blowing score that gives us the exact mood the frame…. And list just goes on….

Hope more such classics will be screened in Sathyam in future…

Am Jus waiting for it….


12 thoughts on “A wish came true !!

  1. Devar magan is a typical tamil classical. I just watched it for the first time last week:). Ooh, what a treat it was? Everybody did their part to do justice-the village atmosphere was amazing!!It was awesome!

    And your mum & dad rocked as usual! He is typically him, isn’t he?

  2. Hey, u r so lucky… I wished to watch an old classic like Devar Magan or Vasantha Maaligai… Annamalai is not my cuppa tea. Next time, wen u get ticket, let me know.

    As far as my flashback is concerned, I watched the movie in Vikram theatre in Pallipalayam with my dad n bro wen I was in 5th std.

    Apart from Kamal-Shivaji n Kamal-Revathi scenes, I like the Gowthami scene during her visit after Kamal-Revathi’s wedding. Each and every character is tailormade. Nasser is just awesome as Maayan.

    1. @Kaarthik..
      Sure. Will let you know, if I book for any other classics..

      Me too like the Kamal – Gowthami conversation after Kamal’s wedding…

      How did I left to mention Nasser in my post… So dedicated actor he is… We can see him done full justice to the Maayan character in this movie… Always Kamal-Nasser combination rocks!!!

  3. I saw this movie on Tv only… was a child… may be 8 or 9 I think… didnt understand much then… didnt even like it… after a few years… saw it once again on Tv… awesome movie… I like the first half very much… yep.. that kamal moustache scene is my fav….

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