Friday Fill-In #4

Got the questions for this week from my friend Kaarthik… Thought that he would not send this week also because of his hectic work (bulidup)… but somehow kept up his words… 

I was honest in my answers, but a bit incomplete… So with due apologies, let me start this weeks fill-ins…


1. What incident made you raise ur eye-brow this week?

It was an incident that happened on Sunday… I was driving the car all through from Namakkal to Coimbatore… this is my first long drive…

2. Mention one new thing you learnt this week

Nothing new I learnt this week… but some things aler me that I should train myself to do some financial planning…

3. Which is ur favorite Reality Show?

Reality show… Most of the shows should be called as ‘Reel’ty shows only… n my favorite is Airtel Super Singer and Neeya Nana…

4. Who’s ur most favorite girl in ur class during ur college days?

Most favorite girl… There was a girl… But I just won’t let her name out here…

5. Mention one Kamal Hassan movie u like the most and one you don’t like at all.

I have become such a passionate fan of Kamal Hassan that I just love all his films the most for one or the other reason and my ‘don’t like’ bucket remains empty always!!!

6. How many crushes you have till date and who’s ur fav among them?

Crushes… I don’t have any as such… crushes last for a very short time… I just don’t believe in it… I would just watch the girls whom I like (athu than pa… sight adikarathunu solvaangale… avlothan…).

7. What’s the weekend plan?

And as for the weekend, tonight I’ll be enjoying my office colleague Hari’s treat and may go to Ninaithale Inikkum, tomorrow my plans include washing hell a lot of clothes (damn… I hate it…) and Sunday, I would be watching the special screening of Devar Magan in Sathyam Cinemas.


8 thoughts on “Friday Fill-In #4

  1. Dai, despite my hectic work, I spared some time to give u questions. But u r saying it’s a build up…

    Dnt try to act over smart. I mean ur answer for the 4th question.

    Again diplomacy in the 5th one. Ur answer is biased.
    Do u like PKS, Magarasan n all? I meant the Kamal “movie” u dont like. I like Kamal in all his movies but I dont like some of his movies like I mentioned b4, viz., PKS. Magarasan, Ellaam Inba Mayam, et al

    1. @Kaarthik..
      Hey… I don have need to act over smart da… am already smart enough da…
      I cant be called as diplomacy… It can be called as something like crazyness… I am loving certain movies just for Kamal Hassan only… and to say… I like PKS & Magaraasan too… Not only for Kamal… but for the humour in both the movies…

  2. Another feel-good post from you!

    //Crushes… I don’t have any as such… crushes last for a very short time… I just don’t believe in it… I would just watch the girls whom I like (athu than pa… sight adikarathunu solvaangale… avlothan…).///–appadiya?nadathu nadathu!!

    What a coincidence?Just last Saturday,watched devar magan—watched the movie for the first time, completely awed by the village background, and the dialogue delivery!

    1. @Savitha…
      Thanks akka…
      Ippa nadathama eppa akka nadatharathu????

      It was an awesome experience to watch that movie in theatre again…
      I just fall flat for the emotional conversation b/w Kamal & Sivaji… and the intro of Kamal with ‘Devar’ getup…
      Kamal just rocks in this movie!!!

  3. //Ippa nadathama eppa akka nadatharathu????//—-eppo vena nadathalaam Raja ;).

    As long as you are only admiring things as a part of nature:)

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