My first day!!!

Yes… This day, the one before the last day of this month was an important day in my life… Five years back, on this same day, this world witnessed the birth of a software engineer out from a college passed out who haven’t came out of his student world… and it was none other than this stupid guy ‘me’… and the company that crowned me as software engineer was the one named ‘Satyam Computer Services Limited (SCSL)’ in yesteryear …

Satyam Technology Center at Bahadurpally
Satyam Technology Center at Bahadurpally

August 30, 2005 – this was the day, I joined Satyam there in Hyderabad… Reported at one of the Satyam’s oldest branch Masha Allah building…. If I am not wrong, more than 100 more people gave me company to mark my and their own first day in this profession, right after the college… From Masha Allah, we were taken to Satyam Technology Center at Bahadurpally to have our first day ceremony….

It was one of the day I would never forget in my life… Still remember the ‘Lion King’ animation film edited well by the Satyamites over there to inspire us to a ‘Leader’ in profession and life…. I just want to record here the those joyful days there in Hyderabad… But it’s already time for me to go to sleep… So sure I would write some more posts about those days… Because I cannot relive those days… but some day, down the lane, if I had a glance at these writings, it would surely give me that pleasure of reliving it… J


7 thoughts on “My first day!!!

    1. @Savitha…
      True akka… % years has gone.. just like 5 days…
      this is problem with time always…we just dont know the pace that it has passed by…
      but the lesoons learnt and the experience gained are the ones that will witness this spent out time..

    1. @ Kaarthik…
      Not bcoz of stupid guys like me da… It got ruined just bcoz of the collasal of integrity of some of the management people… No need to pity about Raju.. he’s living a well off live inside the prison too…

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