Friday Fill-In #2

I’m here… Just bcoz it’s time for me to pen this week’s Friday-fill In… feel glad for having the questions  posted to me by friend Kaarthik and thanks for it da!

So… let me start my answers with a pledge… coz the man who posted the questions demanded me only the honest answers … Hmm here I goo..

By the name of God and my fellow bloggers, all my answers in this post are true (missing a Bhagvat Gita book to place my hand… think I’m seeing more movies..)


1.What are the great and stupid things u did this week? (Mention one in each category)

Stupid thing… Nah!! Usually I never take any of my actions as stupid… I wish that I’m the first admirer of myself…

Great thing… really don’t know which one to pick… hell a lot of things… but I don’t like to boast my own greatness … it has to done by the some other…

2.How long you spend ur time for Blogging in Office?

Not more than an hour that includes writing this post also!! I hardly found time to check into my blog as I was too busy with my work this week… Guess this guy was thinking to pull off my legs… but he cant… ha ha ha…

3. How many forwarded SMS’s normally u sent in a day?

Zero ( 0 ) – the optimum human population of earth!! 😛

4.Which recent song are u listening to these days?

Many… to tell a few…

Isaignani rendered ‘Ulagam ippo engo poguthu’ from Azhagar malai….

Yuvan rendered Povaodhe Prema from Oy… telugu number….

Benny Dayal rendered ‘Nabanai Partha’ from Ninaithale Inikkum… jus listening now also…

5.What are the 3 things u want to change in you?

Three things… gud question.. checking myself…  

Wanna change me being little bashful in the presence of a crowd…

Wanna change my attitude(almost dead… still there in a size of a micron…) to judge a person by his appearance…

Wanna kill the ego that would peep into me with its imp head sometimes…

6.Whom among the Tamil actresses, would you like to take on a date and where? (Strictly Kollywood, No Deepika Padukone!!)

Lemme think who’s that luckiest girl in this world!!! A hard-hitting competition is happening b/w these 2 girls… ‘Deepavali’ Bhavana n ‘Bheema’ Trisha… winner will have a date wit me… I won’t let the place out… privacy venumpa engalluku….

7.What’s ur weekend plan?

No plans as such… just in a thought to spend it jus as it comes…


2 thoughts on “Friday Fill-In #2

  1. Hey… no diplomatic answers… Answer the 1st question properly… If I ask the same question to ur friends the answer will be reverse. They would say hell a lotta Stupid things of urs…

    Hey, u have ego?? Incredible.. I thot u r a person without that IMP

    1. @Kaarthik…

      It’s not a diplomatic answer man…. true it is…

      Sometimes, that devil did came into me… it leave no person untouched… but being self concious would definitely kill it….

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