Friday Fill-Ins!!!

Just because it’s Friday… and I wanna loose out the pressure and stress that has crept into me all along the week (what have I done to get pressurized and stressed???!!! :-P)… to do it in a blogger way… n to bug you with a silly petty post… goanna try this new blog meme (at least new to me!) every Friday… and It works this way (many times I just believe what I am thinking is right.. Crazy isn’t it???)… I need to answer 6 questions thrown at me by my host… and a last 7th question about my plans for that weekend….  Pretty simple… I’m hoping…

As I don’t have any hosts this week… I think that I won’t be having one every week… let me ask myself some complicated, tricky, intricate, obscure, murky (I could find these many words only in dictionary!!!) questions…. n here I go…


  1. I’m just thinking that life is uncertain… So y not let me take my dinner now itself.
  2. I always wonder why there wouldn’t be a rewind button in our life to relive certain moments again and again.
  3. The best part about today is that I have started writing this Friday Fill-Ins here in my blog.
  4. I just enjoyed having the Jangry (an Indian sweet… and the only dish served well by my office caterer…) this noon.
  5. I am happy now just because I find no reasons to feel sad about.
  6. I am just counting my days to let my feet step into the airplane for the first time.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to have a nice sleep n deepika padugone in dreams!!! 😛, tomorrow my plans include…attending my MBA counseling at Anna University, wash hell a lot of clothes and Sunday, I want tocelebrate the b’day of my cute & chweet friend ‘Vinayagar’ , dine with my friends and watch out the long waiting chiyaan’s Kathasamy!

21 thoughts on “Friday Fill-Ins!!!

  1. Hey.. u want fast forward button or Rewind button??

    Deepika Padukone in dreams?? Unakke overaa theriala??

    Did u buy ticket for me 4 Kandhasamy?

    1. @Kaarthik…

      I was thinking off to write as ‘Rewind’ button da… and changed it too…
      Having the fast forward button wont be nice… am wishing to live every moment…

      In dreams only na…. over illa da…

  2. Great attempt, Raja!!
    Deepika Padukone in dreams?? MMM??How many dreams would she visit,poor girl!!Aiyo,paavam…

    Yes,I too wish there was a rewind button to relive only certain moments of life…Wish my eyes could be an handycam that records only when happy!!

    1. @Savitha…

      Thanks akka… Hope I wud continue every week…
      Not paavam akka… Wishing to come only in dreams na!!!!

      I think that many wud be having this wish in their life..

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