a day for you..!

Here in this blog, I have written post wishing you on occasions of  some special days… Tomorrow is one such special day… not only for me… but to most of the people in this universe… so I dont wanna miss an opportunity to ink a little to mark this special day in my blog…

By now, many of you would have judged the day which I’m speaking about… It’s nothing but the ever special ‘Friendship Day’…. a day just to think about a very special but vital relationship in this world… a day to emphasize the importance of this relationship in everyone’s life…


Friends…Really dont know when I got to know about such a relation exists in this world… In our life, every relationship will be introduced or would have been built up by our parents either directly or indirectly… Even the wife/husband whom we call as our life partner is being selected here after a certain rounds of selection process , family background verification,   giving a greater space to caste, religion, money and social status…

But, friendship is the only relationship that is being built up my ourselves…  and the beauty here is… we just get to realize the feeling of friendship with a person only after it has blossomed completely… we just do not a keep tab on the person to decide whether to make him as a friend or not… it just happens by itself with some persons… those persons are really special all through our life…

Having such special persons in our life is one of the god’s gift… tthey are not the ones who just celebrate only our happy and joyful moments… but they will be the ones who stand by us for sure even during the darker part of journey in life…

And… when I just look beside me…. I just feel very happy and proud… to have a bunch of such special persons  for me… I feel very fortunate to have some best friends all through my school, college and office life… Really thank the almighty for being graced me with such great friends in my life…

Through this post, I just want …  to thank all my dearest friends just for being my friend… to apologise, if I’ve hurted you knowingly or unknowingly… to plead you to stay in my life forever even if I happen to do anything wrong… to say you that you guys mean a lot in my life…. to promise you that I’ll be your good friend forvere… and lastly to wish you all a very Happy Friendship Day….


7 thoughts on “a day for you..!

  1. Happy Friendship Day – 2nd August 2009

    Happy Friendship Day – Inspiration & Wisdom

    May the Universe be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health; Happiness; Inspiration; Prosperity; Progress & Wisdom always; God Bless


    The RelationSHIP that seeks to Inspire one another meaningfully; purposefully; respectfully and responsibly


    It needs no praise; It needs no eloquent words; It needs no definition since it is the goodness of good thoughts and best wishes that are expressed from one heart to another admirably

    Heartprints – Guidance, Inspiration and Wisdom

    True friends are those that always leave the footprints of their heart with us; always seeking to guide and inspire us wisely

    Thoughtprints – Intuition

    True friends seek to inspire and guide us to acknowledge our thoughts; to listen carefully to what the thoughts are seeking to communicate – most importantly to listen to our Intuition and seek to understand that the Intuition is seeking to awaken and make us aware of our true nature; to identify and embark on the pathways that brings out the greater good in ourselves for the Universe always


    True friends represent Integrity, Honesty; Respect and Trust


    True friends might not speak to one another yet be able to communicate with one another through the silent thoughts and goodness expressed from the heart that are inherent aspects of the communication process amazingly


    True friends do not impose on others what they themselves do not wish to experience


    True friends come only once in a lifetime


    Friendship seeks to unite People all across the Universe to come together to establish a greater understanding between themselves on the basis of Mutual Appreciation; Admiration; Confidence; Cooperation; Esteem; Goodwill; Loyalty; Respect and Trust

    God Bless

    May One and All be Blessed with a Vision of Good Health; Happiness; Prosperity; Progress & Wisdom always; God Bless

    Love & Light;

    God Bless,


    ©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi

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