Recalling the ‘Real Heroes’ !!!

Yes. As the title reads, this post is intended to recall the proudful thoughts of the real heroes of our nation. Do you know why I’m writing this post particularly today??? Many of you residing in India should have known the reason for it. But for the ones who still could not find the reason… let me tell you… A decade before, during the same day, our valiant mens of Indian Defence proclaimed the vital victory in the Kargil War.

It was the days during which I was studying in schools. I feel very proud today to be one of the Indian who have lived during the period of such greatest victory. Our defence having been one of the greatest in Asia, this victory hasn’t come in a easy way to us. In the span of two months, our jawans and officers has captured 13 hill tops, infiltrated by the Pakistani Army and Kashmiri militants. As the Indian Jawans were fighting with the enemy sitting at the top of the hill, a very planned operation was needed.  The weather condition was not favourable at that time and our army was surrounded by the rivals from three directions.


But amongst all these odd conditions, the brave defence mens of India clinched the ever rememberable victory at the end planning the operation by the name ‘Operation Vijay’. To make our country stand proud with such a valliant victory, around 610 Army Jawans and Officers has laid their lives.  I still remember those days, during which I daily watch and read about the updates in the newspaper. This Kargil War have rekindled the patriotism among billions of we Indians. For the familes of Jawans who laid off their lives and wounded for the war, relief money came from every nook and corner of the nation. Every Indian felt proud to be part of it.

Today, with a decade passed, the whole nation is paying tributes marking the 10th anniversary of the Kargil War victory. The Valliant Jawans & Officers who stood brave facing the rivals were remembered and their families are felicitated.  We people are living a very comfort and warm life in our cosy homes without any fear of the neighbouring enemy countries. This is possible only because of the Jawans & Officers of Indian Defence are guarding us in the border without complaining about the climate, shelter or food.

Most of us do our job for the sake of money. But those brave Jawans are not working for the money, but for the wellness and security of the nation. I feel that the best way to pay our triute to these valliant soldiers is by doing something for our nation.

So, Lets try to do something for the nation !

Jai Hind ! Vande Mataram !


4 thoughts on “Recalling the ‘Real Heroes’ !!!

  1. Yes, they are the true heroes, pride of our nation…Unfortunately, our youth and the country finds their icon from amidst the acting and batting heroes….
    Needless to say, Kargil was deadly in every term, yet our soldiers made it happen….Good post!

    By the way, just to remind us of our(Indian) un-caring attitude: Recently happened to read a interview of a NSG commando-captain A K Singh, who lost an eye at the Mumbai terror attack, and is denied a suitable opportunity ever since, due to this…You can read it at:

    Life is like that!!

    1. @Savitha…

      Thanks akka!

      Millions of ppl here in India are celebrating the birthdays of film actors and politicians….
      But they are not ready to spare an hour to remember the selfless brave acts of such real heroes who have given their own life just for the sake of us and our country…
      Every little child should be educated about these selfless acts and should be encouraged to join the civil services…

  2. Good post Bala. Really I’m proud of ur Patriotism.
    U have mentioned abt me indirectly

    //Millions of ppl here in India are celebrating the birthdays of film actors //

    Thanks for appreciating me that I’m one among the Million. I mean “Pallaayirathil Oruvan”

    1. @Kaarthik…

      Thanks for ur comments and compliments da!
      I haven’t thought about you while writing that…
      It’s kind of people most of us are… including me…

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