Sorry for the interruption!

greenshot_2009-07-17_12-00-47Remember the screen of colored bars that I have pasted??? Not many of the children of current generation know about this screen… But if this same question has been asked to people like me who spent their childhood days during the period of 80’s and 90’s, then they would say many a stories. Because those were the days that will never get erased out of our memories.

For those who are still blinking their eyes with confusion to find what I’m speaking about…  I’m speaking about the days during which we had a lone television channel to entertain us here in India… the channel still we remember for some of the good programs that we enjoyed in childhood… the days of good old Doordharshan… shortly called as DD…

Today, with a simple press of the buttons in the remote, we are able to watch hundreds of channels in our television sets. But if we were given a chance to get a boon to relive those days of DD, don’t we rush to get that boon??? Even if you don’t, I would rush to get that boon for sure. That’s how we were attached to our old days always. The good old days are the ones that every one of us would always crave for. Even though the entertainment that we enjoyed in DD those days is very limited when compared to present day, it still remains pleasant in our minds.

Mostly in all the TV channels, a number of movies are being telecasted today. But during those days, we will wait for the Sunday evenings and Friday nights to watch a movie being telecasted.  And for a bonus movie during the Sunday afternoons, we will linger for our language to come in the alphabetical order of all regional language movies. Now most of the channels are running the programs either cinema related or never ending serials. But this was not the case in those days’ programs of DD. They were more enriched with quality rather than entertainment when compared to present day channels.

If we were asked about DD, every one of us would come up with our favorite programs that we like or enjoyed more. Even though memories of those days stay in our mind, time and age has the power to make us forget the name of the programs that we enjoyed in our childhood. So why not let me record those program names here in this post??? Then, even if I forget the names, just revisiting this post would get me the names back in my mind along their sweet memories too. Not only with this, but time and again we tended to get taught about the fact that only after missing a thing in life, we realize the value of it.

So… let me kindle my brain to work a bit hard to remember the DD programs…

Thinking… Thinking… Thinking…

Hmm… finally, here is my list…

  • Ramayanam
  • Mahabharatham
  • Chandrakantha – remember Kroor singh????
  • Ghutan – A hindi serial telecasted every Thursday night..  9 PM I think..
  • Oliyum Oliyum – Friday nights…
  • Munnottam – to know the movie that they are going to telecast coming week…
  • Chithrahaar
  • He man
  • Spider man
  • Surabhi – sponsored by Amul…
  • En Iniya Iyandhira – Sci-fi serial of those days… Story was by late Sujatha  I think..
  • Thuppariyum Sambu – Y.G. Mahendran with a parrot nose..
  • Vanna Kolangal – by S.V.Sekar
  • Rayil Payangal – I remember Nilalgal ravi in this
  • Iravil oru pagal – Revathi as blind girl and suresh menon
  • Washingtonil kalayanam
  • Rangoli – on Sunday mornings..
  • News @ 8.30
  • News on Sunday for deaf and dumb
  • Suyamariyathai(Swabhimaan)
  • Junoon
  • Mougli
  • Captain Vyom – Milind Soman is the lead hero..
  • Shakthimaan
  • Two patriotic serials about the history of India and its independence struggle- Daily afternoon 3.30 and Saturday night… I don’t remember the names…

I have listed as much as I could recall… If you know something that has not been listed here, let me know… Cya!


27 thoughts on “Sorry for the interruption!

  1. DD was really the king then…In the south, we had DD and Roopavaahini…The relay to tune the antenna was such fun….We used the kitchen chimney as the communicating tunnel:)
    To avoid study time, we did not even miss the 7pm vayalum vaazhvum and ethiroli…lol!Wonerworld….
    Sunday was pure joy..the 1.30pm regional national award winning movie….Understand it or not, we would line up with the lunch plates….But, true some of the best movies were watched in DD. In 2004, I happened to watch the movie terrorist by santhosh sivan. It was such awesome, poignant…DD still rocks, only that our choices are eating us up….

    Those were such joyful days-we had the right mixture of indoor and outdoor entertainment…Sometimes, it looks like we have pawned our fun and joy to technology………

    1. @Savitha

      You are right..
      With the technology growing, we just ready ourselves to leave off the fun and joy to experience the new inventions..
      Still DD is there rocking with its programs… But the change has come in our choices…

  2. must have been in my kai-chuppura days… when dd was the lone channel..
    u have an awesome memory….

    i luved watching captain vyom, sakthimaan, vanna kolangal, he man… good ‘ol days..

  3. I dont know your age group . i am 43 years old.I enjoyed my child hood watching these serials

    1) ham log
    2) bibi natiaon wali
    3) aur bhi gam hai zamane main
    4)chitrahaar(only on wed)
    5)phool khilen hai gulshan gulshan
    6)play used to come on thursday
    7) wah jnaaab(sekhar suman first serial)
    8)idhar udhar
    and the best one yeh jo hai zindagi

    1. @Kuldeep..

      Thanks for droping at my blog!

      BTW, I do not belon to ur age group… I’m 26 yrs old…
      Very nice to see that you still remember the programs of your childhood days…
      Gr8 !

    2. Hi kuldeep
      Even I come from the same serial generation era. I loved Bibi Natiaonwaali -role of Mirza was awesome I think it was written by KP Saxena- famous hindi writer from Lucknow. Ye jo hai zindagi was the best comedy – Swaroop Sampat, Shafi Inamdar, Satish Shah and Tikku Talsania.
      Thanks for reminding us for wonderful serials. Ramayana /Mahabharata, Bharat ek Khoj, Chanakya and Buniyaad were good serials. Now I have no clue of Indian tv serials. Not in touch at all.

    1. @Shiva..

      Gr8 to know that one of my post made u feel happy…
      Actually I believe that its not the post but the nostalgic thoughts of our good old DD should have brought that happiness..!

  4. Bala, I’m glad to read a nice Post from you apart from the “Mokkais”. Really it’s so Nostalgic to go back to the DD days. The one n only Channel for entertainment till ’92.
    Muru & I were discussing abt those golden days recently.

    How did u 4get the favourite program of Thiyagu n Muru?

    BTW, Nizhalgal Ravi was not in Rayil Payanangal. It’s “Rayil Sneham” by K.Balachander. The famous song “Indha Veenaikku theriyadhu…” is in that serial. Again KB has picturised a day’s DD programs in the song “Sangeetha Swarangal…” frm Azhagan.

    U have Awesome memory ???
    Lemme add some more programs to boast abt my memory:

    Mougli is in “The Jungle Book”
    Ek se badkar ek (Pioneer of ur Suoer 10 Songs)
    Tippu Sultan (The patriotic serial in Sat Nights)
    Penn Serial (By Suhasini)
    Thirai Malar (1/2 an hour movie)
    Malgudi Days (The character ‘Swami’ is un4gettable)
    Alif Laila (Monday Nights)
    Humrahi (Tuesday Nights)
    Vizhudhugal Serial
    Shanthi Serial (Daily 2.30 pm)
    Aalavandhar Kolai Vazhakku
    Kolaiyudhir Kaalam (Vivek as Sujatha’s Vasanth)
    Kaanamal ponavargalai patriya “ARIVIPPUGAL”
    The tiltles “Thadangalukku varundhugirom”,
    “Thiraippadam Thodargiradhu”

    My most favorite is Saturday “Late Night Movie”

    1. @Kaarthik..

      If my posts arent about entertainment, then they are mokkaisa da?????

      No one would forget the good old days of DD, as it was the only channel that entertained for years…
      Yes, t is rail sneham as u said..
      while starting the post, thought of including Vayalum Valvum… but missed it…

  5. Hi da….you have taken me to the good old days…..
    one program which come to my mind while reading your blog is the STREET HAWK ….man with the bike ……

    1. @Sasi…

      Thanks da!
      These good old days will stay in our minds forever…
      Sometimes need such post to experience the happiness of those memories..
      Yes… I do remember Street Hawk… Sponsored by MRF… then a serial with Car and man replaced that time slot I think…

  6. hey bala,

    u forgot

    oru pennin kathai (Week days afternoon 2:30 )
    Reporter (night 9:00)

    Captian Vyom was my favourite. 🙂

  7. U can this to ur list….

    1) Mr Yogi
    2) mile sur mera tumhara (in the breaks)

    Its good to know that ppl still love DD for their old programs.. Its little nostalgic to read all this posts and names of the telecasted serials and programs…. 😉

  8. By the way, i have read the same kind of posts few days back… But its good to read to these kind of things again and again… 😉

    1. @ Vicchu…

      Yes. It’s always a feel-good experience when we look back about the things we enjoyed in our past but missing it now…
      And, I am not able to recollect my memory about the programs that you mentioned… very poor memory for me!!!

  9. I too missed “The World this Week” by Pranoy Roy, the owner of NDTV. It was telecast on Friday nights.
    Also Kanmani Poonga, Youth Panaroma (On Tue Evenings)

    How cud u ppl forgot the classic series “OSHIN”?? Abt the small Chinese/Japanese girl (who carries her younger sibling at her back like a bag and works)

    Does anyone remember SRK’s debut serial “CIRCUS”??
    There was a serial “Nupur” by Hema Malini n Kabir Bedi.
    Hema was a Tamil Brahmin Bharatnatyam Dancer in that

    “Mile sur mera tumhara…” is the National integration song in which Kamal, Revathi, Balamuruali Krishna, Hema Malini and a bunch of Indian Celebrities appeared.

    Still I remeber the names of few News Readers:
    Tamil : Shobana Ravi, Sandhya Rajagopal, Varadharajan, Erode Thamizhanban (He’s my relaive), Nijandhan

    English: Rini Simon, Sunit Tandon, Nidhi Ravichandran and Meenu

  10. Hi!..i do not really belong to the doordarshan era..i am havent really watched as much dorrdarshan as you guys have… i only remember (shaktiman, and sunday mahabharat)

    but i am doing a project on doordarshan..its a personal project..
    am trying to figure out if people actually do want to see doordarshan again..and if they do, what do they expect from it..
    cause clearly, no one apart from the rural population is watching the channel..
    its interesting to see such blogs..they do make my point strong!!

    This is the questionnaire for my survey..

    if you guys can fill it for will be a great help!! thank you!

    1. @Smita

      Hi.. n welcome here to my blog…

      Surely guys of my age wanna experience that again… but they would want it in addition to the existing ones…
      anyway will update ur spreadsheet later…

  11. Kashis is my favourite serial (Sudesh Beri’s favulous performance) which includes Sharkash… I could remember Wailitee Babu… Mungerilal…. Sudesh Beri’s Surag… School Days..

    (Manoj Panda, Odisha,Bhubaneswar Cell-9938876077)

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