Going Greeeeeeeeeen !

greeenOn checking into my mailbox, I happened to see an email from a tax consultant company, to avail their service, for filing this year’s income tax returns. But the point that I would like to bring you out is the way of filing that they mentioned in it. It was there with the tagline ‘Greener way’ of filing returns.

Yes… Greener… the word that we come across much more now-a-days… We are now living in a world, in which we have the highest need than ever to give a makeover to our lifestyle to go green in every possible way. Every service company or any other company is finding ways to do their routine work through paperless ways. Now they have started using it as one of their marketing strategies too. Not a bad thing to do I feel.

We people have fed (still feeding!!) a biggest devil by the name ‘Global Warming’, which is being regarded as one of the greatest enemies to the Mother Nature, by our comfort lifestyle and pleasurable habits. Just to do a parobhakaar, why not we start doing some of our routine works in a greener way???  So what do we say here as greener???  I would define the term greener as some way by which we become not harmful to the nature at least, even if we are not helping it.

Here the fact that cannot be ignored is that we have already started feeling the effect. The overall climatic condition has been largely changed over the recent   years, affecting the rainfall which has ultimately dropped the thunder in the field of agriculture.  Numerous unnamable diseases are emerging everyday and many more natural calamities are happening as its effect. One thing we are missing out  is that these effects are not being rightly related as the effects of our habits or lifestyle. Once we make the people to understand this relationship, it means that we had hit the target right.

Let us not take the great effort of planting a tree, but we can try to stop cutting trees anymore. Starting a great power generating plants are not necessary from us, but switching off the lights ‘n’ fans after use is necessary. We need not go on a searching spree to fight against this demon of global warming. It’s a matter of simple alterations in our daily life habits. Things like spending little water, saving little more electricity, making works more paperless, saying NO to polythene bags would make a greater impact.

I think that mostly every one of us know the greener ways that we need to apply in our routine activities. Here the problem is not the ignorance of we people, but the reluctance of us to apply it in our daily life. We people change us not that easily by the advice of others. Only after getting affected, we regret for our doings, which is not going to benefit us anything.

Many of us perceive such activities as a kind of social service. I think that since this being thought as social service, it is not getting the needed support from many of us.  So let us make clear that this is not going to be a social activity anymore. We need not do anything to save our earth or the country. But we shall at least put a thought to save something for our children or future generation just like we save wealth for them. Let’s do this at least as a selfish one. Our blunders of today would cost our children tomorrow. Why shouldn’t we let our children to get the punishment for the erroneous act that we do?

While writing this post, an event crept to my mind. It was worth a mention here at this point to end this post in a positive note. A year back, I went to my friend Arunmozhi’s marriage reception. So what’s special with this marriage and why to talk about that here? Many of you would know the custom of giving a Thamboolam bag (small bag of coconut, banana and beetle leaves) to the people who come to the marriage. But the special thing thta happened in my friend’s reception is that instead of that small bag, they gave a sapling.  Great Idea isn’t it??? It was a ‘Green Reception’ at last…!  🙂


6 thoughts on “Going Greeeeeeeeeen !

  1. Yes, let’s get greener!!Atleast a sapling per person. I know of a school in Ramnad, a normal matriculation school, where saplings are given away as academic awards/prizes. Not only that, they make room for every sapling they give away, inside the campus, name it after the kid that wins over the gift…A neat appreciable gesture, isn’t that? I loved the idea!!

  2. Great post,indeed. I’m very much inspired by the post. We r now in a faster generation in which we seek shortcuts in every activity we do. Its not a wonder to say that there exist Exercise pills which if taken,abolish the need for going to Gym. Now-a-days this passive approach in everything is becoming more evident. As a consequence of this, we r becoming more lazy and developing health-related problems such as Obesity, Hypercholesterolemia, Coronary artery disease and many more…. Hey,did u see the movie ‘Wall-E.’ It indirectly teaches us many lessons,although directly the Director didn’t mention his intentions.

    1. @msatheesh

      Thanks dude.
      But short cuts dont yield the value and experience that we get with the straight way…

      Wall-E, an excellent movie to watch… It tells us many facts too..

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