Cricket Nostalgia..!

Last morning, when I was starting from my home to office, watched some of the guys gathering inside the apartments. They were dividing themselves into teams to start their game.  People from India would take no effort to guess the name of the game. Many of us will end up with the name of cricket. And that would be the right guess most of the time. That’s how this game is well-liked by the people across our nation.

On my way to office, the nostalgic thoughts of how I was associated rambled in my mind. So with those thoughts, I’m just writing this post. Like the billions of Indians, I was also very much attracted towards this game from my childhood. I have not been in any school or college cricket teams. But I have always enjoyed the game with my neighbors and friends through the form of street cricket. I guess that every single Indian would have tasted the flavor of cricket either by playing or watching or at least by criticizing it.


I have been in two rental houses in Coimbatore, one in rathinapuri and the other in Nehru nagar , before finally got settled in our own house in peelamedu. I had a lot of cricket with many guys, when I was in rathinapuri. It was the time when I have got my first cricket bat. I was very excited about the new bat that day and started playing with it from the very first day. I hardly remember the names of my friends there in rathinapuri home. The guys whom I remember now are anand and abhishek only. In Nehru nagar and peelamedu houses, mostly the neighbors around my home gave me company and we use to play in our street or in the nearby park. Some of their names which I could recollect are Ravi krishnaraj, najmuddin, yakoob & his elder brother in Nehru nagar and balaji anna, kiruba uncle, vini & his friends in peelamedu.  There are also times during which I have played along with my sister Priya and my friend pradeep too.

I have always been glued to the TV screens whenever a cricket match was relayed, never minding which nations are playing or what format of the game was being played. If Indian team was playing, there would be some extra curiosity, interest and wishes for that match. I still remember the match in which India defeated Pakistan by reaching the target of 314. I just ran around my home with the joy got out of that win. It was during this match, I just got updated with the scores from my tuition master Murali in Sri Ram Tuition Center while writing the test. Also, I could not forget the Chennai test match, in which India lost to Pakistan, even after Sachin displayed a big innings despite his severe back pain. And how would I forget the Titan Cup, in which the bangaloreans Srinath and Kumble took India to victory, which was seen almost impossible at that stage.

Just like other cricket lovers, I really followed hell a lot of sentiments when watching a match. Usually my sis priya always support for the opposite team with her sentiment that it would lose, if she support it. It happened sometimes that I haven’t let my sis to watch the match just because when she watches it, the opponents are scoring more boundaries. And in some close matches, have done prayers that if India win the match, then I would break coconuts in the temple. But all these sentiments look crazy now.

How could I leave the name Sachin, when I speak about the game cricket??? I’m a diehard fan of Sachin Tendulkar. I don’t even remember from when I have got mad about this man. He is really a GEM of this game. In every match, I crave for a century or a big innings from this little master Even loved his bowling, by which he has turned many innings favorable to India.  There were times, when the whole Indian team would fall like a deck of cards, once this great man loses his wicket. He has been a backbone for the Indian team and always been a moral support for the players.

Having been this much crazy towards this game, now I’m not much interested to it. I really don’t know the reason for it. I’m just following the happenings about the match in TV and newspaper. I’m more inclined towards the One day matches rather than the T20s.  Now with IPL, it’s been lot of matches happening, but it lacks the spirit. It looks like more a business rather than the sport. But, even now I hardly miss to watch Sachin’s innings.

As the most part of this post are my personal experiences and exposure to this game, it might have bored u…  guys… pls don’t mind… cya… 😉


5 thoughts on “Cricket Nostalgia..!

  1. The same goes with me. Once upon a time I wud never leave a cricket match of India.I used to look at every ball curiously. But,now,I don’t have much interest in watching the game. And playing the game is absolutely gone.I haven’t played any game since 7 yrs(after my 10 th class). Life has to change.Its a rule. There’s a saying “The only thing constant in life is change.”

  2. Hi Bala,

    Hope you remember me and doing good….

    It was very surprising to me on seeing this blog. i am very happy you see you here and memories of our school days….

    convey my regards to your family

    Connect me @


    Ravi Krishna Raj K

    1. @Ravi Krishna Raj K

      Hi Ravi,

      Really it’s a great surprise to see ur comment…
      Long time since we have contacted each other..
      Will email you sometime later…

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