Children of Heaven – Simple. Touching. Realistic.

At last, I got to watch this movie ‘Children of Heaven’ yesterday. I wanted to watch this movie, after reading the comments posted by my bro Arun about this movie in his blog.  But my thought turned into into reality only yesterday; when I sat down to watch it in the laptop, as my friends were busy watching the IPL finals. This is an Iranian movie, and I was able to understand the dialogues with the English subtitles.

Ali 'n' Zahra
Ali 'n' Zahra

To say about the movie, it is simply superb. The movie travels with a simple, touching and realistic theme attached to it. There is not much a story line to explain. It just depicts the pure affection ‘n’ understanding between two siblings Ali and Zahra.  The whole movie revolves about the struggle and efforts of these two children in pursuit of a solution for Zahra’s lost shoes. The innocence and the emotions of the children are beautifully portrayed and filmed with reality.

It just tells us one of the universal truths that we face in our life.  Many times, we get things that we would not have wished. Even if it is better than that of our wish, we feel bad, because of our innocence. This innocence has been beautifully told in marvelously in this movie.

Overall, this is a movie that really moved me and felt a feel good mood after watching it.


17 thoughts on “Children of Heaven – Simple. Touching. Realistic.

  1. This is such an awesome movie that even without subtitles we could understand. The protagonist Ali is synonymous of Sacrifice. This movie shattered my selfishness and made me yearn for a sister like Zarah.

  2. Hi Bala, how r u? Nice movie it seems…..thanks a lot for sharing ur views. I’ll definitely watch the movie.

    1. @Rajeev..
      Thanks for visiting my blog.
      And to say about the movie, it is a must watch for everyone to know the significance of small feelings and affections..

  3. Hai ana…
    This movie Children of heaven is now being remade in hindi starring Darsheel (TZP) … its titled BUM BUM BOLE
    So ur wish will b come true soon..

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