first day in AGARAM…

Finally got the call from ‘AGARAM FOUNDATION’ on Friday to confirm my presence for the volunteer meet that has been scheduled today morning. Very happily, I confirmed them my presence and kept my words by being there for the meet today.


Reached the venue after a few difficulties in locating it, which is nothing but the Surya Narpani Mandram that I came to know later.  And the meet started with around 60 to 70 people being assembled there.  The meeting was addressed by two office bearers Ms. Jayshree and Mr. Gnanavel (Secretary of AGARAM). With the self introductions from all the people assembled over there, Mr. Gnanavel brought down three questions for us to answer. They are:

  • How did you come to know about AGARAM?
  • What is your view or understanding about EDUCATION in general?
  • Why do you wish to join AGARAM and the expectation out of this organization?

We, the people over there told our answers for these questions. During this session, I was able to get many much information that are valuable to know. Some of them shared their personal life experiences that they faced in getting the basic education. Some other shared their experiences about the children they met in their life and their pity status of being devoid to the basic education. It was really great to know the efforts of some people to lend their helping hand to the needy ones. I really felt that I have missed a lot of opportunity in college days, during which I could have formed a good team to do such works. But everything is not over still. I’m sure that I would build up a good team in future to do more such works.

Then, Mr. Gnanvel and Ms. Jayshree briefed about the history of AGARAM and the works that they have done, doing now and going to do.  I feel that they have been doing a wonderful job till now. They are doing a complete research with proper statistical data, before planning a project and executing it. They give utmost importance to the children who are first generation education getters. They are doing a project ‘Me Too’ by which they just bridge the people who wish to donate money and the right children who need financial assistance for continuing their studies. Also they track the academic performance of the sponsored students and report it to the sponsors. This is one of the good projects for the people who cannot spend time, but can give the financial assistance. AGARAM assures that the money we give reaches out to the right hands.

And we were explained about their future project, for which we have been called for. This one is similar to the concept that is being followed by the NGO ‘Vazhai’. It just requires 10 days of ours out of 365 in a year to make a change in the future of a child. But those 10 days demands a commitment of no compromise from us.  With this concept, great success has been experienced by the NGO Vazhai. I feel that these 10 days are easily affordable for us. As I liked this project, I signed out of the meet with my enrollment for volunteering this project, though which I would be mentoring the first generation education getting children in rural villages.

And friends… I think that I would get a lot more good experiences out of AGARAM… Also promise you that I would surely post about those experience here…

Cya for now..


6 thoughts on “first day in AGARAM…

  1. Hey Raja it’s good to hear tat u’ve enrolled in Agaram…..
    I too wanna be a volunteer in it……
    Dunno hw to do tat…. I’ve enrolled in the website….
    Just find whether I may be of any importance to Agaram……

    1. @ Kumar

      It’s glad to know that you have enrolled yourself…
      You would be getting call from AGARAM within 3 or 4 months da…
      Hope u did the psychimetric test too…

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