IPL-2 ‘n’ my hero..!

Although it’s not that much hot as that of the first season, IPL-2 is also making some talks around… but for me, it appears more of a pure business, rather than a sport… so didn’t have much interest over the IPL… just watching the matches of Mumbai Indians, as it is my little master’s team…

Till now, many things have happened just contrary with the expectations… Outta that biggest but an unexpected flopper is KKR… and the flipper is the DC with the high voltage performances… am still pondering over the probabilities with the hope n wish of MI getting into the semis… if it didn’t make it to semis, then I would start supporting my home team CSK… let us see who’s goanna get the trophy at last…

Other than the teams and the game, there are some stars, towards whom I got attracted and felt crazy about… not only me, but many… they are none other than our ZooZoo… these egg headed white humanoids have became a much awaited stars during the commercial breaks… a very creative ad concept… hats off to the innovators of this concept… for me, this season’s IPL hero is ZooZoo

Crazy ZooZoos...!
Crazy ZooZoos...!

Always the hutch Vodafone ads have been very attractive; also very creative too… it was a great concept of having PUG (the hutch dog) doing the help for the Vodafone users and following them… now I think that these zoozoos are strong enough to replace the PUG… and the more surprising thing for me is that… to know that these zoozoos are the real humans with the white body mask… I just can’t believe this…

Anyway, I zimply love these zoozoos….!


6 thoughts on “IPL-2 ‘n’ my hero..!

  1. I saw the AD makers filming for this Zoozoos ad…It was really funny…Try to see it on youtube…

    N…u r not already supporting CSK…???
    Thaai mannuku throgam seiyathe…..

  2. I have been looking around balasrini.wordpress.com and actually am impressed by the great content here. I work the nightshift at my job and it is so boring. I’ve been coming right here for the previous couple nights and reading. I simply needed to let you know that I’ve been enjoying what I’ve seen and I look ahead to reading more.

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