Mere paas maa hai…!

Mere Paas maa hai..“, words uttered by AR Rahman at the Oscars that literrally means that, “I have nothing, but I have a mother”. But these words conveyed a different meaning to me. The meaning that I understood is that, Rahman has all things like name, fame, money, health & wealth that every man would crave for in their life. But for him, before his mother, all these things appears to be nothing.

I would say that, this is not just a meaning that I got understtod personally, but an universal truth. This is the truth, that would be accepted all over the globe irrespective of the nation, religion, caste or language. Because, motherliness is not only the feeling of the mankind, but also exits among the creatures with five senses too.

With this noblest feeling in heart, let me wish not only my mother, but all the people who have the motherly nature in this universe a very Happy Mother’s Day !


3 thoughts on “Mere paas maa hai…!

  1. This is the famous dialogue from the Hindi Blockbuster “Deewar” (The original of Rajni starrer “Thee”).
    Give credit to the writers Salim-Javed duo too.

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