Does it look like a weird term, that you have never come across before? Are you looking all around the web to find the meaning of it??? Don’t take too much pain to find it out. Let me tell you. Here, I pass on the word NOTA as just the acronym of nothing but “None of the above”. This is one option that we would see when taking up a test in MCQ format.  Many times, it would be there to confuse us. But now I’m talking about the option that would get us out of confusion. Yes… Here I’m referring to this option in the context of politics.

When we check out the data about the candidates who have been nominated by the political parties for this term’s assembly election, it is eventually moving us to utmost frustration. Most of the candidates are holding the credit of high number of criminal records and they just accuse each other. Almost 80 to 90 percent of the candidates are just contesting with the game plan of either getting themselves and their party moneyed or playing with the power to rule the nation.

We can easily count the number of candidates who are in field with the thought of doing well to the people who are voting for them. The nominated candidates are being selected by their parties mostly by their financial and muscle strength rather than their educational or service minded qualification. And these shameless people, without even having the courteousness sake of regret, boast themselves and their party with fault commitments and untruthful promises in the campaign meetings.

By and large, the campaign meetings are being orchestrated just for the sake of point the finger at their oppositions, rather than emphasizing on the problems that are need to be addressed. Some of the notorious political parties are changing their coalitions in every election, just for arriving at a calculation of winning probability. Are they still thinking about as silly judgment lacking idiots to vote for them???


But still many are just like the way that they are thinking off. We are just casting our valuable votes, minding of no reason at all. We are just choosing the bad one out of the worst nominees. Aren’t we having any more choices rather than this? Aren’t we capable of opposing these reckless nominations by the political parties?  If you think of an option of not voting, then it is the most foolish decision of all. By doing that, you are literally saying to these politicians that I am the one who just won’t spare a thought to care about your illegal politics.

One such answer that we have for all the above question is ‘NOTA – None of the above’.  We have a right in our hands to say that none of the nominees is eligible for this post. May be, predicting these political happenings a long before, people who formed ‘The Conduct of Election Rules’ implemented a rule 49-O, which describes the procedure that a vote should follow, when he decides not to vote to any of the candidate, but to convey it officially as a vote. But till now, the vote that has been casted under 49-0 is being considered as ‘non votes’. The results are calculated with the other votes only.

Then, you may ask me that why should I go for this option??? If this awareness spreads to a larger masses, then at one stage the ‘non votes’ will get a significant larger number, which would pull out attention of the election commission which is now recording this 49-O votes just to keep record of non votes. It would ring up a danger alarm for the illiterate stupid politicians.

I really believe that putting this 49-0 as an option of ‘None of the Above’ in the EVMs, making it part of the election result and debarring the candidate from the political system based on this numbers are some of the most needs of this hour. The voters should have this option in this machine so that it would not breach the voters’ code of secrecy that is being maintained in elections. This facility has been raised by the election Commission in Supreme Court of India many years ago and still discussions are going on over it.  But it is going to be a very tough task for the election commission to materialize this facility into reality, as their major blocking stones will be the most affecting politicians and the political parties.

But, this facility once on board, will bring up a drastic CHANGE to our corrupted Indian political system. It would give up the needed oxygen for the daily dying democracy which is being pushed to stand on its last legs. Ppl… Never lose hope… change will come… else we should bring it… to be a part of this change, let us make a loud shout to the nation that ‘No candidate deserves my vote…!’, by opting 49-O during the Election Day.

While writing this post, got a thought in my mind… I am always writing my opinions here… Not all the readers would be interested to drop a comment about their opinion.. so, jus placing a poll below to know ur opinions too… hope u would have that extra second to make ur vote in the poll below..

P.S: Here is the info of how to franchise 49-0:-If an elector, after his electoral roll number has been duly entered in the register of voters in Form 17A and has put his signature or thumb impression thereon as required under sub-rule (1) of rule 49L, decided not to record his vote, a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in Form 17A by the presiding officer and the signature or thumb impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark.” – As stated in Rule 49-0 of “The Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961”


3 thoughts on “N.O.T.A.

  1. Hi bala,

    Its very sad to see even the % of people voting this year. What you are conveying in this post, is possible provided the % of voters go up, coz if only 42-45% ppl are voting….(which was the number published on the next day of elections in our area) and even if all those ppl are chosing Rule 49-0..it still leaves a gap of rest 55% votes to be tampered with and manage to get a government rule in India.

    I am not a very politically aware person, but this seems like simple logic to me.

    1. @Tanvi

      I accept tour statistical logical points makes sense… but those 42-45% of 49-0 does make a diffence… Every single drops when joined together forms an ocean…. am trying to say that why dont we be that single drops??? it would be a wake up call for those irresponsible politicians…

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