It’s your day… but it’s we celebrate…


Today is one of the days, which are so special for the cricket lovers all over the world. Because, on this day, 36 years back, the maestro Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was born. He has been regarded as a demigod in the field of cricket by billions.

Sachin, this magical word has just spelt out nothing but only the wonders in the field of cricket. Having been made the debut in 1989, all along his two decade long cricketing journey, he has been a gem of this game of cricket and I have been a great fan of this cricketing maestro.

Even today, I cannot imagine an Indian team without you. He has shouldered our team during the lows and ups over a period of 20 years and still doing it with pride.  The records that he has beaten off are countless and still he has not let down the venture of creating new ones. Time and again, he has always answered his critics with his bat, rather than the mere wordy replies.

So, on this special day, let me take a chance to feel glad by wishing the little master a many more years of health and association with the Indian cricket.

Happy Birthday Sachin!!!


2 thoughts on “It’s your day… but it’s we celebrate…

  1. Thanks a lot dude. I really forgot that today is his birthday-an unforgettable sin that a man can do esp being a Great fan of him. Thanks a lot…….

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