Be educated..!

‘About what?’ – A question that you would ask yourself, when you just read the title. Some of you might have made many presumptions too. This mantra is the one that needs to be applied before we start working on each n every task. The task may be anything. But to end up the task in success, this mantra has to be applied superior to any other step. With these buildups aside, let me come to the topic that I intend to write about in this post.

With few more days ahead of elections, amidst the question of “What is going to happen If I don’t Vote?” in the minds of many people, some of them has determined to cast their vote for sure in this election. I’m the also one among that ‘some of them’. This is the second time I’m going to cast my vote. My debut was at the state government elections in 2006. But during the period in between, I got to know more facts, myths, truths and even the bad faces of politics, more about politicians to say frankly. It has educated me enough to know my responsibility, right and duty as a citizen of this nation in deciding the next government.


I hope that everyone will have an opinion about a political party and the political leaders. Some political parties may be your favorite, just because of no reason at all. But my question to you is ‘Is just this opinion or favoritism is enough to decide the party to which we cast our vote?’ I would say for sure that definitely not. Lot more are needed to decide the person or party to which we are going to vote. Very firstly, we need to know the value and importance of our vote. At the end of the day, it is collection of each individual’s vote is going to decide the one who is going to govern our nation tomorrow. So it is the need and responsibility of us to do as much research as possible before casting our precious vote.

Everyone needs to know that it is important to cast our vote. One more thing that is more important to know is the decision of who we are voting for. Ultimately he/she is the one, who is going to represent our constituency on behalf of us in the parliament. It is we electing him to stand for us. Tomorrow, if we have a problem, he/she is the one who needs to project it to the centre to get it solved. This means what? As we caste our vote, a more emphasis has to be given to the candidate than the party. You may say that the party has the power to corrupt a good man too. You may be true. But why to take risk? Why don’t we have a bit optimistic thinking that a good candidate may go by his intuition rather than by the corrupted push of the party? Why to drown in a ditch even after knowing its outcome?

I believe that you have got the essence of the word research that I have mentioned earlier in this post. As you guess, by the word research, I meant to say that we need to study the details of all the candidates contesting in our constituency. This would help us to assess the candidates and make up a decision on our assessment. If a candidate was a former MP, then we shall check out his career record during his MP tenure. If the candidate is going to be a first timer, then we shall look about his education, background, social outlook, and attitude and so on. Let us not forget to check whether any criminal cases have been filed on the candidate. Because why do we want a criminal to represent our constituency?

At least in this case, we should not search for excuses that I am not able to collect details about the candidate. We can get everything we wanted to know in this globe, if we search for it. There is nothing exists in this world that we cannot know about. Having been accessible to billions & billions of data floated in the World Wide Web, the needed information is just a click away from us. Even the illiterate people can be educated with these information by the literate and internet exposed people like us. It just needs a little more effort from our side to get the thing that we need.

So, all I wanted to say you are that every one of us needs to be educated about the significance of our vote and the details of the candidate who we are going to vote for. Hope every one of us is aware of the importance of being educated and getting educated..!

That’s all for now… c ya in the next post…


7 thoughts on “Be educated..!

  1. Hi Bala,

    Thanks for dropping in at my blog , even if its just by chance. I have been really sad with hardly anyone reading my blogs. But u surely made my day.

    I generally write for myself, but sometimes the comparison between number of comments between the two blogs (me and my friend’s) makes me feel bad. Are my blogs not good enough??

    Today ur comment made me smile. Thanks for commenting.

    Good Luck for ur donation. I donate blood every 3 months…Its a good way to some day help someone who really might need a part of us.

    1. @ Tanvi…

      Great to know that you donate blodd every 3 months. Really a good habit. Keep it going.

      Just write gud posts, without bothering about the comments…

  2. Excellent post it is!!! I’m still a beginner in the the matter of politics. This time we have both Assembly elections and Parliament elections in A.P. I was thinking not to miss the chance to vote but finally missed it because of my study load in final year MBBS. And I really regret for the same. I’ve known many aspects of voting from this post.Thanks a lot……………..

    1. @Satheesh…
      Thanks dude..!
      Sometimes this happens.
      But dont give yourself an another chance to feel regretted.
      Because, our nations politics has turned out into a ditch, as the educated people didnt care to vote or think about it..
      So lets do our duty of casting our vote…

  3. i always wanted to vote when i was in school…but i dunno..after i crossed 18 yrs…it never occurred to me to get enlisted in voters list….sorta lost interest in the whole political system…everyone just wants to make money n make huge publicity of the little deeds they do….No politician cares….
    I think we need to follow western system of elections….Govt arranging face to face discussion among opposing party candidates about their promises…voters being able to ask the candidates on their methods….n THE CANDIDATES MUST BE WELL EDUCATED first of all…
    its 21st century n still most of our politicians are just not well educated…
    I think it would be great if the election commission publishes all the records of candidates in news papers…their education ,criminal ,political records… wud be good to have an informed decision on part of the voters…

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