Sometimes, my mind just rambles along my past remembering some of the moments that I wish to treasure forever… At those times, some of the moments get to arrive at my head… some not bcoz of my bad memory… While writing this, a dialogue in the movie ‘Mudalvan’ comes to my mind… If we have the capability in our life just like the rewind button in the tape recorder, it would be great to go back to these moments… It’s a sure fact that those days cannot be relived in this lifetime.  But it’s always a great feeling to travel along the memories of those moments…


With these thoughts in mind, I have decided to record here in my blog, the priceless moments that I am able to remember. ..  Some of you may say that these are not the greatest or important moments in our life. I agree. But we tend to lose the taste in life, if we do not have such sweet nothing moments… Got decided to put those memories here… but under what category????????

Hmmm.. How is the name ‘Happy Days’???

Nah… All the treasurable moments need not be happy too…

Ahhh… yes… got it… Good Old Days


4 thoughts on “nostalgia…!

  1. like your blog and happy thougths idea.

    everyone goes through this,its nature and we have to live with it forever remembering good old times.

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