Accolade for my blog post…!

Hurray!!! I’m just celebrating the first award for my blog post. It was a surprise to see the email from BlogAdda saying that my blog post “The Underprivileged” has been selected as one of the top 5 posts for this week’s edition of ‘BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks.

BlogAdda, that could be called as a blog aggregator site provides a platform for the Indian bloggers to showcase their blogs in web. On every Tuesdays and Saturdays, BlogAdda picks up top 5 blog posts from the Indian Blogospehere and present them in its website under the banners BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks & BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks.


When nominating this post for this week’s Saturday pick, I really wished my nomination to get selected into their final pick, as I felt that it carries a very essential message to this society.  My wish came true and I just penned this post to share it with you all.

At last, through this post I would like to thank the BlogAdda team for selecting my post and appreciate their effort which would motivate bloggers like me to write good posts. Hope I would continue to give you more such good posts all the time.


8 thoughts on “Accolade for my blog post…!

  1. Bala,

    It was our pleasure reading your post and then picking it for our weekly pick. We are here to serve the Indian Blogosphere and when we read posts like this, we get a sense of joy and the determination to further serve you better.

    1. @Harish…
      Thanks a ton…
      Hope u continue this work and motivate the indian bloggers to come up with posts that would try to make a change in the lives of the needy people…

  2. Congrats Bala!!! Really the blog deserves the Accolade which enlightened me and made me join AGARAM.

    This has made me think of writing some Sensible blogs other than the Movie stuff.

    Keep it up dude!!!

    1. @Kaarthik…
      Thanks da… very happy that even my posts are inspiring someone da… thats gr8 to hear from u that u have enrolled in agaram.. if u get any communication from them, let me know.. bcoz i did not get any commn from them yet…

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