The Underprivileged !!

On seeing the title “The Underprivileged”, many of you may think of different kinds of people being deprived of different things.  I don’t know which category of people strikes the chord first in your head. But it’s the category of poor children who are deprived of getting a good education that popped out of my mind. Some of the children are being pushed to this category because of one or the others reasons. One of the reasons may be their parent’s poverty and some others may be like they are being left as orphans in this society. 

Are these children responsible for being born in a poor family? Are they responsible for being left as orphans? It is not the fault of these pity children for sure. Sometimes even their parents cannot be blamed for their poverty. Having these facts, if we ask ourselves “then why they are so???” most of us would come out with a very easy answer that “It’s their Fate”.  By saying so, we are just trying to escape from taking up the responsibility to get them out of that deprived zone. It means that we are using a mask in the name of fate, to hide or distant ourselves from these needy ones.

Having been lucky to be born in a well-off family, I have got a good education, with which got a good job too.  Till now, my parents have never left me with disappointment with what I wanted or needed. I would say that till a point of time, this well-off living of mine has made my eyes opaque towards the people who are even deprived of basic education. I feel that my comfort living has made me unaware of the fact that I’m sharing this world with the needy poor people, who just live a struggled life everyday to compete with the privileged ones.

But now, I am not the same person whom I was. Really don’t know when and how I sailed through this change. If I could remember, the visit to an orphanage along with my college mates, to donate sweets and other things, with the money that we collected during our department cultural “Rhetoric” was my first one such act concerning the needy ones. I think that it was one of the incidents that inspired me to develop a stance within me to help these underprivileged. So, at this point of time, I would like to thank my college mates who have shouldered to materialize this idea and executing it for a noble cause.

Have a desire to change his life...
Have a desire to change his life...

Even after being a believer of God, I have thought many times why he is so mad that he has created people with so much differences and inequalities. Why did he let these needy people to suffer this much, at the same time where there are people who have wealth more than they needed?  I am not able to find the reason for such an existence. But instead of researching on the reason for such existence, why shouldn’t we think of what all can be done with these inequalities. There are part of people who are in need of help and the other side who are able to offer it. The only thing that is needed is the “WILL” to offer and accept the help. This “WILL” ends up in building a beautiful relationship of love and tender between these two sides of people, which could be the ultimate purpose of such creation.

At the same time of feeling pity of these unprivileged people, many times we use to yell about them for their ignorance and illiteracy. We expect them to change themselves. But we are not aware of the difficulties that they face to take up that change in the current money driven education market. For them, a mere survival is more important than education. And it’s absolutely right from their point of view. Even it is the undeniable fact from every one’s point of view.  So many times, they are not able to afford this change.

“Change that we expect is not possible, until we take up the responsibility for it” – a phrase that I read a long back. I did not remember the person who has told this. But I feel that it is a universal truth.  If we want the environment around us to be changed to a healthy one, we have to take up a responsibility to make that change.  I would bet that, almost maximum of the techies working for software firms are just spending their weekends in a useless manner. Either we would sleep till late morning hours, or get stick to the movie DVDs, or move up to the theatres or beaches. I am not saying that chilling out in weekends is wrong. I’m trying to say that at the least we can spend a couple or more hours on our weekends for a noble cause. The point I would like to project is that it is not bad to enjoy the weekends, but it will be too good for us and the needy ones if we use a little of our time for them.

Even after having such thoughts & inspirations seeded inside me, it took a long time to develop a habit of helping the needy. It should be developed as a habit, rather than a thought. After a year or two getting into the job, I started to sponsor a child through World Vision India. But many times, I have felt that it’s not only the money that they need, but also they are in need of some other things. Just asked myself that just giving away some money every month is all what I can do. If we put a thought on it, we would be seeing lots n lots that we can do for these people. Among these things, I feel that the education and knowledge that we have are the vital and precious ones that could change their lives to a very extent.

So I decided to take up the responsibility in hand, rather than complaining about the issue. This thought of mine have driven me to join the TMI’s Teach India program. But I didn’t get an opportunity to work in that. But my desire to help those people has not vanished. During that time, I came across an advertisement about Agaram Foundation of Surya Sivakumar, which I felt that an NGO worth for this noble effort.  I just poked into the site to register myself as a volunteer. During registration, I found an interesting process involved in it. It is nothing but that they are evaluating us by making us to go through a psychological test while we register as a volunteer.

So, I am now just waiting for the communication from Agaram Foundation, having been gone through the registration process along with the psychological test. And I hope that I will get into it… J


9 thoughts on “The Underprivileged !!

  1. Hi
    This is Savitha(hope you remember!!;))…Good to know of your activities…Glad you are into this…Keep it going……

    1. @G.Ramesh

      Welcome Ramesh to this blog…

      You can just enter into the agaram site and register yourself as volunteer…
      They will get in touch with you after you made the registration…

  2. I am very much impressed by Mr.Surya because i read his book ” Anbudan Soorya ” . I admired by his simplicity and particularly his social service . Really its very very great.

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