Kudos to A R Rahman…!

Finally that day has come. The day I have been waiting for, since I saw Rahman’s name in the list of Academy Award Nominees.  Today, the music maestro AR Rahman has made the dreams of billions of Indians come true, by winning twin Oscar Awards at the 81st Oscars Annual Academy Awards 2009 function in Los Angeles.

The Mozart of Madras has created a history by becoming the first Indian to win two Oscars. For his inspiring and amazing work in the Academy Award film Slumdog Millionaire, A R Rahman is garnered with the Academy Awards of Best Original Score and Best Original Song for the song ‘Jai Ho’. Also, Rahman performed the nominee songs O Saya and Jai Ho in the award ceremony, which was watched by billions all over the globe. Also, not to forget the other Indian Resul Pookutty who has won the Oscar Award for the Best Sound Mixing in the same film.

A R Rahman With Twin Oscars...
A R Rahman With Twin Oscars...

The Oscar fever has started a day before the ceremony in India. There were rumors spreading in the internet saying that Rahman’s name is not listed in the leaked Oscar list. Even my friend Kaathik called me last night to confirm whether Rahman received the award.  So I believe that the whole India would have awakened today with the dream and wish of AR Rahman winning the Oscar award. Some of we guys in the room even have set alarms to get up early today to watch this man receiving the award.

I became a little doubtful, after knowing about the rivals of Rahman for the award. The rivals are one ones who have been nominated 5 to 8 times before for Oscars and left without one each time.  Seconds before revealing the final name of Best original Score winner, I literally prayed to God that Rahman should be the winner.  Both the Almighty and Juries have not disappointed us. When it was announced that “And the award goes to….. AR Rahman”, we guys in the room celebrated with shout and applause. I’m sure that the whole India would have celebrated that moment that coveys a lot to this world.

As the star movies channel audio was not proper in my home, we were just switching between the news channels to hear the speech of Rahman after accepting the award. In his speech he thanked the whole team and his team in Chennai and Mumbai. He praised his mother and felt glad to had his mother by saying a hindi ‘Mere paas ma hai.. .’. When he uttered these Hindi words, I suddenly felt why not some words in Tamil Rahman?? But leaving me in no disappointment, ‘Ellapughazhum Iraivanukkae’ were the words in Tamil that came out of this legendary musician to conclude his speech.  ‘May all praise be to the almighty’ is the meaning of that tamil rendition, which he use to tell always after receiving any award.


What a feel it was to see our own AR Rahman from Chennai receiving the Oscar Award??? I really felt proud and inspired to hear the hindi and tamil words being resounded in the global arena at Kodak Theatres.  I would say that, this is just another ‘Roja’ for this legend to play his magic in the international stage. There are stills ways to go to achieve for this man and am sure that he will go for it.

At this moment of celebration, first of all I would wish to thank his parents, and people like Ilayaraja, Maniratnam, the man who gave chance to Rahman to make his debut in the tamil movie Roja, Shankar, drummer Shivamani,  Danny Boyle(Director of Slumdog Millionaire), and the team of AR Rahman. Because they are the people who did gave their support to Rahman and shouldered him all through his successful and splendid journey of everlasting compositions.

With loads of joy and pride on one side, the fear of missing his time and music to Tamil & Hindi cinemas because of his future assignments in Hollywood on the other side, and the ever inspiring Jai Ho song rocking in my headphones right now, let me wish this living legend a hearty congrats…!

Jai Ho AR Rahman !!!

P.S: If you wanna know my take on Slumdog Millionaire, just check into the link https://balasrini.wordpress.com/2009/02/02/slumdog-millionaire-–-it’s-the-destiny-of-two-siblings


5 thoughts on “Kudos to A R Rahman…!

  1. In a interview after golden globe award, he said “I want to win Oscar for the people of India”
    He did as he said and made everyone proud of that moment…..

  2. It’s really a Historic moment. He looked too calm and composed with loads of Confidence gleaming in his eyes.
    Perfect example for “Niraikudam thalumbaadhu!!”

    Expecting his Wax Statue at Madame Tussaud’s soon…

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