Why not in all theatres???

It was yesterday at last we got to watch the movie Vanilla Kabadi Kuzhu.  Since the release of the movie, I was eager to watch the movie.  But my roommates were not in a mood to watch it without knowing the result of the movie (Effect of Padikkathavan.. 😦 ).  By the time we decided to watch this movie in theatre, there were not many theatres screening this movie in night shows.  By chance, I got to see in the newspaper that this movie is being screened in night shows in AVM Rajeswari.  Then wat…  I and my friends rushed to this theatre yesterday night.

To say you about the intention of this post…  I am not going to write the review of the movie that I have seen yesterday. But I’m gonna tell you about a practice that is carried out in this cinema hall. This is the theatre, in which our National Anthem will be screened before the start of the movie. This practice is almost done as a ritual for each and every show. I have not seen this practice in many theatres. If I could remember, Sathyam is the other theatre in which I have seen this practice being done. But I think that they are not doing it for all the screens out there and for all the shows.


Just like other cinema halls, AVM Rajeswari are also doing the business of screening cinemas. But even in that business, they have created themselves an opportunity to show their respect and gratitude to the nation they are living in. This practice does not need a great patriotism.  It just needs a feel of pride about our nation. By this practice, they are tending hundreds of people who are there for the show to think of our nation at least for a second. I don’t know about the other people. During those minutes of national anthem, I honestly thank our freedom fighters and make up a thought in mind to do something (better than nothing right?????? :)! ) for our nation.  On seeing our tri color flag on the screen along with the anthem, I really had a pride kind of feel in me. That was a gr8 feeling indeed I would say… Just think off dude… What was running in your mind when standing in attention during the national anthem????

Why not this practice could be followed in all the theatres in our country??? They do not need a rule or tax sop to be brought by the government for this. Just like AVM, they just need a heart and mind to do it…


(P.S: To say about the movie Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu… A decent entertainer well scripted by the debutant director with village and Kabadi as backdrop. Songs were nice to listen and watch. All the actors have done justice to their roles. Charanya is soooooooo beautiful. On the whole, it is a movie worth watching in theatres.)


4 thoughts on “Why not in all theatres???

  1. This practice assumes that everyone who goes to the theatres is an Indian citizen which is not always the case.

    We had this practice years ago where the anthem used to be played at the end of movies. Good that it got scrapped long ago.

    What next? Boring NFDC documentaries before the show like they used to have in the 70’s and 80’s?

    1. @Shankar…
      May be everyone who goes to theatre are not going to be Indians, but the nation in which the theatre is being located is India right…
      So even the other ppl of other nationalities surely would have the courtesy of respecting a nation’s anthem for sure…
      NFDC documentaries – seems to be borinf… but it shows us the status of many underprivileged ppl and spreads an awareness among us…

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