Smells that delights me…

When I was about to login to the wordpress after fixing up an issue in my project, got a ping from my office friend senthil.  When I looked into that popup, I could read that he was asking me whether he shall bring the halwa pack to my desk.  When I saw that message, suddenly I could feel the smell of the halwa even before it comes to me.  May be it’s because halwa is one of my favorite all-time snack. Then came a childish thought of inking here a post on my favorite smells that always delights me…


Hmmm…  Just thinking of what are all the smells coming to mind, when I think of my favs… Here it is… Some of the smells were the ones from which I still remember the occasion…

Tirunelveli Halwa,

Filling petrol,


Making of bajji when it is raining,

Smell that comes from land after a light rain (Mann Vasanai in tamil),


Smell of the clindamycin gel that I use for acne,

Ven Pongal (a south indian dish) with sambhar and chutney smell, felt after a daylong fasting due to Jaundice,

Making of Laddu in home during festival times,

Eucalyptus smell,

Rose water,

Jasmine and the list goes on….

Think off buddy…. Surely you would be having ur list of favorite smells that tickles your mind when u just think of it…


7 thoughts on “Smells that delights me…

  1. Here’s my list apart from my favs in ur list like Mann Vaasanai, Petrol Smell, et al.

    1. The aroma of Coffee esp Filter Coffee
    2. The fragrance of the flower “Pavizha Malli”
    3. Smell of Chicken and Fish Gravy
    4. Smell of Paints and Varnishes
    5. Smell while prepaing Ghee by melting Butter

    1. @Kaarthik…
      Dai kaaru… “The Scent of a Woman” – dont u think this a bit toooooooooo much da?? 🙂

      On just seeing the word of sweets, u gotta hungry???? I think these smells tickle u a bit more than usual… 🙂

  2. i luuuv petrol n diesel smells…gives me a high…
    smell of lemons….
    smell of spirit in my mom’s hospital….
    n of course…rose ….n lavender extracts….n rain smell while im riding on a bike (on the back…ofcourse)


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