V-Day !!!

This weekend, it’s going to be that day of the year again. SMSes and emails fly all over a week before this day carrying out the advices on gifts, dressing, proposing, anything and everything related to love. The restaurants and shops going to be decorated with heart shaped balloons and offers announced for the couples in the city.  The day, many youth of today are waiting for, to propose their love. Hope you gotta the right chord. I’m telling about the Valentine’s Day that is going to fall on coming Saturday.

With this V-Day ahead, I hope that some of you have already made plans to open up your untold love to your girl or guy. Don’t know how many of you are going to get back red roses and how many of you going to get the red hot slaps back!!! There could be some special cases where you can get a Rakhee back!  For some of them, this day would become a D-Day for their love life. But for some others, this same day would become a drowning day of their dreams.  In both the cases, it’s going to be a unforgettable day for those are going to give out an attempt.


Having the jokes and feelings apart, there are some other category of people in our country who are eagerly waiting for this days, other the youth and teenagers of today. Do you like to give it a guess? If so, put your think hat on top and try to make a quick guess…

Who’s that???








Gotta that category???  Still not… then look down dude….

Here is the category that I was telling about. They are none but our great politicians, protestors and opportunists who call themselves as “moral police”. But not to celebrate the day as in the case of the former, but to make a scene on that day so that they can publicize their group. Hope many of us did not forget the brave acts of these moral police groups.  Even If we have forgotten, we should just tune up our head to get the memoirs of these gundas, staging a violent drama against the people of softer side.

On this day, these protesters take things granted to do all kinds of activities to violate the laws and disturb the public. Right from humiliating & beating up the couples in public, to vandalizing the shops, restaurants and cinema halls, they do all kinds of culprit acts upon posing the banner of ‘Protecting the Indian Culture’.  These people almost declared as an unwritten ritual to do these kinda things on such days. No government is also interested to take any stringent action against these gundas, having thought of their support as Gunda volunteers in election times.

This year an organization by the name Ram Sena has announced that it is going to take up the responsibility of moral police group against the V-Day celebrations in Bangalore. They have publicly announced a threat to forcibly marry off unmarried couples seen in public places on Valentine’s Day. These senseless idiots are going to roam the city with the ‘Mangal Sootra or Thaali’ in their hands. So they have become ready to take up the new avatar of ‘MAMA’ now. They were the same brave mob who showed their courageous acts against the girls in a pub recently. They strongly protested the pub culture by doing the so called Indian culture of humiliating, molesting and harassing the girls in public. Isn’t this the Indian culture they want to propagate all over the country???

When these people are questioned about their brutal acts, they are ready to present themselves with a set of framed excuses. Some of the excuses that they pour out are protecting the Indian Culture, protesting the western culture, safeguarding the girls, condemning the corporate commercialization and the list goes on like this. I (Hope you too…) feel that these claims are only the excuses as such, but not their real motives.  I would say that the actual motive behind all these acts is publicity and branding of their organization/party/unit. If I wish to say in their style, it is nothing but commercialization.

Even if we see it as an act of protecting the Indian culture or protest against western culture, it cannot be justified.  I don’t know what they mean it as a culture. If they are saying that they want to put the Indian culture on stand, then both men and women roll around only a towel below, rather than using the outfits of pants, shirts, chudithar, jeans and cargos.  Because that was the very ancient Indian culture that prevailed along here. Are they ready for this wear???  There were times, where the messages were exchanged between people through letters and even doves have been used for this. But now we use cellular phones, SMS, and email. Were these concepts invented only in India by the Indians?? Weren’t these technologies imported from western countries? Why are they not opposing this western import?

They see it as a commercialization by corporate companies to make money. What’s wrong in it?? Every business will look for opportunities and sometimes create opportunities to improve their business. Could you tell me one area where there is no commercialization? Haven’t the same shops commercialized for the festivals of Diwali, Christmas and Ramzan??? As far as I know, 10 or 15 years, I have not heard of an occasion called Akshaya Trithiyai. But now every year, the jewellery shops all over India do a big round of commercialization to boost the business of gold. If I’m not wrong, there came a ritual that a brother should get his sisters a green saree for her goodness and well being. This was a pure commercialization of the textile shops. Where these moral police were that time and what were they doing against these commercializations??


Like other days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, the Valentine’s Day is also a celebration that has got migrated from western countries. Why they did not oppose the other days?? Because opposing those days do not give them such a large publicity as they get when they oppose V-Day. This is just a day to celebrate the love between the fellow human beings, the love between true friends, the love between a brother and a sister, and the love which have spread all over. As it has entered into our culture newly, it is being celebrated by only lovers and even by friends. Over a period of time, it will be celebrated by many people. I would say that nothing wrong in allowing a good addition into our culture, without being concerned of whether it is coming from west or east.

Above all these, I think that we are living in an independent democratic nation. We people have our own right of freedom to express and choose. Who are these politicians or Gundas to dictate us about our choices? Who they are to compel people to get married then and there?  What rights they have to impose their propaganda on us? To publicize their party or organization, we do not need to bend ourselves before them. There are nearly 40 cases pending on the Ram Sena chief Mr.Muthalik. Before cleaning the society, let him get himself cleaned out of these cases.  On Mr. Muthalik’s threat, the Police inspector has said: “Let them first commit such an offence and then the law will be enforced.” I don’t know how sensible these policemen are. Instead of preventing the offense to happen, that police officer is thinking of punishing after the offence happened. So are they in a thought to let this happen and add one more case to the assets of Muthalik?

Our nation has lots and lots problems ahead that need to be solved to have a brave march along with the other parts of this globe. These politicians can at least try to solve these problems to publicize or promote their unit. That could serve as a good one both to their unit and also to the fellow citizens. Rather than looking at the positive way, these politicians are always looking for cheap publicity. If they do something that is going to improve the welfare of the people, it will automatically bring the fame and name to their group. God only knows about the day on which these gundas or politicians realize this fact.

I would say that culture is not a thing that remains as the same. It is the one that is bound to change with the changing world for sure. The same culture which was accepted and legalized in our ancient times is being looked as a crime now. This fact cannot be ignored or objected. It is the same Indian culture and in the same Indian land, child marriage, sati, untouchability were legal and accepted.  But today, these all are termed biggest crime by us and the Indian law. Weren’t they seeing a change here? A new change or addition to the existing culture may first seem to be wrong and sometimes may have wrongness in it.  But that new change will mould into a good one over a period of time. To say it in solid, change in culture is inevitable. We should not stop it, besides the fact that we cannot stop it!!!

At last, let me not forget to wish you all a very happy valentine’s day…!


9 thoughts on “V-Day !!!

  1. I so very much hate these anti-love people. U know what, from all I see, it looks like Indian culture means bringing about no change. Stick to old old rules and traditions. THat’s Indian culture. Boring! How will this country ever prosper if we let these hooligans rule?
    😦 I so wish people would be open minded. I so wish we had a lot lesser hypocrits around.

    1. @Shruti…
      Not all people are doing like this. Only some people are doing this kind of dirty politics to get publicity and their photos in media. They actually wanted the media or the people to talk something about them. They do not bother whether it is going to be a good or bad review about them. Silly minded people…
      But I believe that most of our younger generations are seeing these people only as clowns. Lets hope that we people be open and broad minded to welcome the good change, not bothering of the place it comes from.

  2. Cool blog dude,Let us be resilient nd brave against all d hooligans who are used to create a cheap publicity for all useless political gains….. Lets put up a brave face and stand against dese obnoxious weeds….. Lets give dem a taste of their own medicine….Lets show ur solidarity by giving dem bak wat dey deserve nd not go wid candle light marches…. happy 2 let u know dat some organisations hav decided 2 send 1000 chaddis(tamiley jattis) to Ram Sena…

    Let dose guys how bitter is such a pill 2 swallow…

    Last but not d least….. Happy VD 2 u…. njoi wid ur gf…… pray dat i get 1 as well:)

    do visit my blogspot as wellhttp://i-me-myself-blany.blogspot.com/

    1. @ Blany…
      Well said… These people do all these non-sense, because they think that there is no one to stop them… They are cheating the people by the name culture… We need people like the one who fought alone during mangalore pub problem… We people instead of watching in groups, need to step a feet forward as a group against these gundas..

  3. Totally agree with your thoughts…How we can oppose spreading and celebrating love in a country like India which is known for peace and harmony …..

    The bull shit motive of these so called moral police is only to gain instant publicity as Ramsena got from bangalore pub case….

    I m really looking forward to this pink chaddi and pub bharo campaign…..

  4. we had to oppose the same ram sena ppl in DNA cloumn…ur post really helped me out…gr8 way n strong way of opposing….cheers 🙂

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