Slumdog Millionaire – It’s the Destiny of Two Siblings..!

I am a kind of guy who does not have much interest in English movies. But some English movies have really pulled me towards it. Even some movies have kindled me to watch it again and again.  One such movie is “Slumdog Millionaire”. To be honest, A R Rahman and the Golden Globe Award were the two factors that pulled me toward this film initially. The movie being filmed with India as backdrop might have been an unconscious pulling factor.

 After watching the trailer and the song sequences in television, I thought of a story in my mind. But the movie started in a different way in a police station where the hero of the movie is being interrogated by a police officer. It would be a very good experience if you are unaware of anything about the film before watching it. But I was not able to get that experience as one of my friends told some story before.

The whole movie is nothing but a travelogue along the life of two little siblings (Salim – elder & Jamal – younger), aftermath a Hindu-Muslim riot, in which they lose their mother to death and gets a girl (latika) come into their life. The two brothers have different outlook about life and they try to live by their own ideologies. The elder goes behind money and power and younger goes behind love towards the girl who came into his life and hard work.  The climax of the movies is the final destiny to which these two guys are destined to reach at.

I am really impressed by the way the screenplay has been set.  Even we have seen this kind of screenplay of moving between present and past in Alaipayuthe and Virumandi, this one is quite impressive.  With “Who wants to be a Millionaire (Kaun Banega Crorepati)” being set as the backstage for Jamal to search for his love, the movie tells us about how his real life experiences help him to answer the questions in the show. No mistakes were made in selecting the cast for this movie. Anil Kapoor, as show host and Irfan Khan, as police inspector has done justice to their roles. The two little boys are cute and smart.


 I really wondered how could Danny Boyle, the director of British nationality not being lived in India could bring out the smell, flavor and soul of Mumbai, that too the negative side of it in the screen with such a reality. In some places, the director has conveyed certain things beautifully by action without telling it explicitly. For example, by using the Amitabh Bachan’s autograph sequence, he brought out the “Never Give Up” attitude of Jamal and “Anything for Money” attitude of Salim on screen, that too in an enjoyable comical style.

How could I leave out the legendary work of A R Rahman in this movie? He has done a brilliant job in bringing out the soul of the movie by his background score. The “Jai Ho” song delivers a great feeling of motivation and inspiration.  As I have heard and got familiar with the music tracks before watching the film, it was a good feel to see it in visual. I’m sure that the felicitated Golden Globe Award and ‘going to be awarded’ Oscar are the ones that A R Rahman deserves to get. “Latika’s Theme, Dreams of Fire & Jai Ho” are my favorite tracks both to hear and see.

To say about my favorites in the movie, there are many. To be specific, the scene that shows how Jamal getting the autograph from Amitabh and the phone-a-friend call between Jamal and her girl Latika. It is a very important call for Jamal to get a very important answer in the show.  But they both will do a chat rather than caring for answer. He will enquire about her whereabouts and she will say “I’m safe”. When she is asked for the answer by Anil Kapoor, She will simply say “I don’t know” with a very beautiful smile.  It was so beautiful to watch this on screen.

Though this movie is an adaption of the Indian Novel “Q & A” by Vikas Swarup, it has been scripted, captured and told brilliantly rather than in documentary style, to cater all kinds of viewers. Overall this is a feel good movie with solid theme, tactical screenplay, beautiful narration and brilliant music. So with the hope that the movie and our ARR are destined to get awarded with the Oscars, let me wish them good luck and congrats…!


11 thoughts on “Slumdog Millionaire – It’s the Destiny of Two Siblings..!

  1. Me too liked this movie a lot….
    And ya english movies are far better than hindi flicks..
    May be this movie will make you interested in english movies too 🙂

  2. @ Newman…
    Hope I would watch some more good english movies and add that to my list…

    I cheked that da… She has been credited as Co-director it seems.. I dont know about her before… Thanks for sharing the info da…

    Not all english movies are better than all hindi movies… There are good movies in both… Hope I would watch some good english movies…

  3. Yes,
    Danny Boyle has done a great job in narrating the mumbai based slum’s negative and positive sides.

    It has some beautiful moments, and A.R. Rahman as usual is very good, in his own style of music.

    The highlight of the movie was it’s script and screenplay and music, and Anil Kapoor. Irfan was also good.

    It’s not that these kind of movies are not made in India. Madhur bhandarkar has also given such movies but it’s just that the world did not watch it.

    Danny Boyle has shown such reality to the whole world. So hat’s off to you Boyle.

    I have been reading about the comments saying that the movie has shown that india is a poor country. It not like that, actually the movie has got the slums backdrop, so the poverty is but obvious.

    Good story, good music, Superb screenplay, Superb picturization, great direction, superb acting.

    In short, a movie worth watching.

    1. @ Deepak..

      U r true Deepak. Even in India, some of the directors have taken this kind of films. But people did not given them the recognition and reward that they deserve. I believe even this SDM is getting recognitions, as it has got popular by the Golden Globe Award and getting nominated for the Oscars. I think that if the same film have been taken by an Indian director, it would not have got this recognition for sure.

  4. The kid jamal and salim were really good in acting….Especially the small jamal….
    I read in a article that those kids were really picked from slums to act in this movie…..

    1. @vicchu…
      I know that u were experiencing a different world listening to Latika’s theme by closing ur eyes da…
      Thats gr8 to know that these guys were picked from slums… Really a great and appreciable performance from these two guys… that too from smart little Jamal…

  5. hmmm….i loved this movie too….

    im a sucker for movies with pleasant endings…..where did u see it??? theatre or download???

    n i luv all his films….’sunshine’ is my fav….its a sci-fi….yet u never feel like it….great story with superb direction….the characters dont speak much among themselves….yet u perceive a lot more than u see….see it if u have a chance….

    1. @Arun…
      Thro download only da… Even before it got released here… I have started watching english movies now only… downloaded the movie ‘Schindler’s List’ after seeing ur comments on that movie in ur blog… But not yet watched it… Lemme add the movie sunshine also in the “to watch” list…

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