Fined to Fund..!

Have we ever felt that our mistakes have lead to a good cause for others??? Have we ever felt good for being fined? Most of us wouldn’t be…  But the students of IIM-Lucknow feel so this time… I should say that their mentors or authorities made them to feel so…

It all started on World Poverty Day in 2006, when the students of IIM-L visited the nearby Chakapurwa village as part of a social initiative program. At that time they came to know that the whole village has been neglected from providing the electricity, even though it was very much within the city municipal limits, just sharing its boundary with IIM campus.

 So they decided to adopt the village and took up the electrification issue with various government departments, but ended in vain. When the electricity department heard up this request, they told them that the department could electrify the village, only if the villagers contribute 25% of the electrification charges that sums up to 1 Lakh.


Having thought of this poor village of 30 – odd families, the IIM authorities decided to use their own students in raise this huge sum. They started to collect fine from those students violating the institution’s norms.  Within a year’s period, an amount of Rs.55,000 was realized from fine, which is still short of what is required. On approaching the director of the IIM-L, they got not only the amount of Rs.55,000 but also the green signal to use the whole 1.1 Lakh for the electrification of the village.

Now in 2009, those students’ dreams of lighting up the Chakapurwa village have come true.  That too, they themselves contributed to this noble cause unknowingly. We could not deny the fact that the same authorities of this institution could have raised this money by collecting donations, by using the credit of being part of this premier institution. But they have not chosen that route. They wanted to use their wisdom, in place of their power ‘n’ positions.

The students of IIM-L were made to feel proud of their institutions. They were taught one of the greatest management lessons, “Winners don’t do different things. They just do things differently”, not by the lectures, but by the actions this time.


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