‘Little’ Brave Hearts of India…

I feel proud to hear from the Indian Council for Child Welfare announcing the names of 20 children who will be felicitated with National Bravery Award by The Prime Minister during the Republic Day function in New Delhi. It is a great pride for the nation to include the names of 11 girls in this list. Some of them are getting this award posthumously.


If we travel back to the history of this award, we would come to know that this award was first started in the year 1957 by Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) to recognize and honor the brave and outstanding act of the children to save someone or their own life. Since then, every year children below 16 years were honored with this award and they were felicitated on the occasion of Republic Day. The awardees receive a medal, certificate and cash. Eligible awardees also granted financial assistance by ICCW till they complete their graduation.

This year, the awardees list scroll over the names of the children across the country. A 13 year old boy Marudu Pandi of Tamil Nadu who saved lives by alarming a train by waving his red shirt over a faulty railway track, a 12 year old boy who helped the police in identifying the terrorists in Delhi, a 14 year old girl who stopped her marriage with a 40 year old by reporting the police, a ten year old boy who saved four children from getting electrocuted in MP, a boy from UP who foiled the attempt of two motorists in snatching his mother’s purse are among the 20 awardees.

I really feel that this news has o be widely publicized in the school environment across the children. It would surely boost the morale of the children, motivate them to become brave not only to save themselves but also others out of critical situations and nurture the feeling of selflessness among them.

 And a tit-bit information for you is that the 30 year tradition of an elephant being used to carry the National Bravery Award Winners in the Republic Day parade has been banned from this year. But these children will be taken in a military jeep instead. This tradition is banned just to avoid the havocin the past created by some suddenly uncontrollable elephants.

But these brave kiddos gonna miss the jumbo ride this year….


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