Gonna be Halwa this Pongal….!!!

When I was reading newspaper yesterday, came across this news… Tamil Nadu Government has announced its pongal(sorry… it’s Tamil New Year from this time…;-)) spl freebies…  It is nothing but the Govt. is going to issue the ingredients for making the sweet pongal to all the ration card holders at free of cost… this freebie package consists of

Rice – 1/2 KG; Jaggery – 1/2 KG ; Moong Dal – 100 Gm ; Cashews, Dried Grapes, cardamom – 20 Gm…


When we work out the cost of these materials, it comes around Rs.30 for a set… Approximately 2 Crore ration card holders are there in the state… So the total budget for this scheme could be somewhere around 70 Crore….

Ppl… Just think a bit… Where does this 70 Crore coming from???  Is the ruling party going to spend the money from their fat pockets…?  They are just going to use the money that has been allotted for some development projects… It’s the money that has been collected as tax from us… We are paying the tax out of our hard earned money to the Govt., with the thought that the Govt. uses this money to device some development steps for the state and its citizens…  But just aiming for the votes in the coming Lok Sabha elections or to divert the people from other burning issues, the Govt. is spending this money in an irresponsible way…

If U ask me what the opposition parties are doing against these useless expenses… I would become simply mute… Because this is what the opposition parties also doing… Some of them here and ther may make some announcements… But they have not told as their opposition, but as their comment…

Time and again all the political parties have done… is doing… and will be doing the same kind of politics… The opposition parties just muted their right oppositions… Because when they come to power tomorrow they may be having plans to do same thing… Is this the kind of politics we expect when we caste our valuable vote… At least not me yaar… This situation is not going to change until the common man prioritizes the long term development over the freebies…

Giving out such kind of freebies tends the people to expect freebie in many things… It would make ’em lazy…  It would make ’em to misinterpret politics as giving everything free to the fellow citizens… Is it like that giving away freebies means that the Govt. is doing good politics???

Some may say that I’m not thinking of poor ppl making use of such freebies… Is it enough if they get what they need for a single day…  It could be done by any rich men who just have the heart and thought to do it… But the Govt.’s duty is to uplift the poor from their economic and social crisis continuously… The same 70 Crore could be used in a more innovative way, if the Govt. device new schemes or infrastructures consulting with the experts & economists…  It would help the fellow citizens to celebrate not only this pongal, but forever…


Having all these facts in my mind, the ‘Sweet Pongal’ containing these ingredients just looks more similar to the Amaithipadai Sathyaraj’s ‘Halwa’… Isn’t it 4 U…?


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