Clickjacking… Oops… Web sites see ‘n’ hear you…

So turning your think-tank upside down hearing this new word…. I too did the same when encountered this word in the security awareness mail sent by my company… But they didn’t let me clueless about its details… I also googled the word to know some more info about it…


 Clickjacking is nothing but a new buzz word that is doing rounds in information security now-a-days… In fact, I can call it as a new weapon used by the hackers to hack our computer… Do you know how they attack us with this??? By modifying the user interface and superimposing it over a safe site, they trick the web browser to reveal the confidential information or tend us to click a button and take control of our computer…  Even the attacker can hear and watch to people when they use the headphones and webcam connected to their computers… they can literally see and hear us…

After knowing all these details, I realized that I have also been a victim of this attack some time back… Sometime back, suddenly a page will open with some pop up leaving me two options Yes or No in my laptop when connected to the net. On clicking either of the one, it will open some more windows and do many things. I was not having the control to close these windows too…  Lastly, I had to format my hard disk to get this problem solved…

Atlas, most worrying news is that all the web browsers including the latest arrival Google Chrome are vulnerable to this attack… Since a complete defense has not been discovered for this attack, we can try to play safe by updating all software with latest patches, logging out of all sessions before closing the web browser, and avoid visiting malicious web sites…


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