Saluting the Mighty Hearts…!!

It’s time that I owe to salute the NSG Commandos, Army Jawans, Navy & Air force, Mumbai Police, Black Cats, RAF and Fire fighters, for their brave encounter and triumphant victory against the terrorists during their anti terror operation in Mumbai.


Also, I wish to pay my tribute to mighty martyrs, who sacrificed their lives for protecting our fellow Indians from the terrorists and hundreds of innocent people who lost their lives. Let us all pray for their soul to rest in peace!!!

At the same time when I feel proud of these men in uniform, I could not stop myself feeling  ashamed of the selfish politicians doing nothing but the blame game, without having the thought and heart to care about the citizens of this nation, in fact about the nation itself.

While writing this post, a fellow citizen’s words reported in a news channel comes to my mind and that is here for u… “The terrorists have no face, but a clear agenda. But our politicians have a face, but a hidden agenda.” My heart says it is true… Isn’t it appear true for u ???


3 thoughts on “Saluting the Mighty Hearts…!!

  1. First i salute my fellow countrymen who fought with this terrorists to save the innocents….
    Coming to ur ques… That’s very true… Because of some corrupted officers and politicians, they allow these people to enter into our country and they kill the innocent people for their gain… Whoever it may be, they should be punished severely and that should remain a lesson for the remaining fellows……

  2. i salute to all the NSG jawans who had the courage to go inside the building n fight for us without fearing for their lives……….really they r the real superheroes…
    Their action in this incident has made us realise abt their job on the border…….

  3. @vicchu…

    Not some politicians da… Most politicians are very careless about the nation’s security… But they demand a high level security for them… But politicians getting severe punishment in India is one which wud never happen atleast in our generation I think… But we shall hope for the best… Need a good & strong leader like Sardar Vallabai Patel or Subash Chandra Bose to reconstruct India and its current political system… Wish they come again to liberate India from these politicians…


    You are correct… Mindless of their lives, these jawans battled with the militants bravely… They have made us to realise that they are not working for just salary, but a lot of things more than that… They are ready to sacrifice their own life for this nation… We are working for the well being of our own family, with the assurance of safety to our life… But they are working for the welfare of the nation, with a high risk of their lives…

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